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    Might not be too many AMC guys here, but worth a shot. Feel free to spread the word to your AMX, Javelin, and Rebel Machine bubbas

    Sign face is in excellent original condition and dates to the 70s or 80s, purchased in Kenosha, WI. Light box is an NOS replacement unit that was manufactured in the US about 20 years ago. This is a very high quality lighted sign and it’s really impressive when lit.

    Measures 24”H X 19”W X 4”D

    $550 plus shipping or free delivery to the Nats. Pick up available in the Washington DC area.

    PM here

    070C19C0-CF2F-474D-943A-605C17E37FB8.jpeg 98A55CA4-1B39-4E2D-9A8B-FC5ED8797933.jpeg AB42FB2D-17E7-4FCA-8564-2EFD2A696C33.jpeg
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