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AMD 1/4 glass install help needed on 69 GTX

69 GTX

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FBBO Gold Member
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11:52 PM
Apr 6, 2013
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Milo, Iowa
So I'm trying to get my quarter glass installed. I have the door window in and adjusted close. I have the 1/4 glass pretty close to sliding in the seal but haven't gotten it up to the stops which I think is the reason for the big gap between the door and 1/4 glass. Any advice is welcomed. I spent most of the day fighting with this.
Just a quick note of support here, no real advice other than getting ahold of the factory service manual,
which has a decent amount of instructions and pictures on the adjustment points and bits and parts.
Mine work - sort of, after a LOT of monkeying around with it all.
That said, the seal between door and quarter on mine that sits on the edge of the door window (repopped
piece) still won't allow me to roll the window down with the door shut.
It stubbornly stays up while the window itself slides down it. :)
I'll be following this thread to see if I can pick up some helpful tips, too.
I have had the 1/4 glass in and out at least 5 times. I have moved the regulator as close to the door as possible (forward)to gain some. I feel like it's traveling up before it gets forward.
I'll probably pull it out again tonight to compare to the old glass to see if maybe the mounting holes are off.
I do have a service manual but it's not very specific on my problem.
I just done mine not long ago but I have short term memory:lol:
Could you snap a pic of the inner panel showing the regulator and adjustment nuts? Mine work like new but I do remember tinkering with em for about 3 hours
or so on each side.
After studying your pic something is not right about that roof seal there’s no way possible the 1/4 window could ever seal to the front side glass. Looks like the 1/4
window is on the wrong side of the seal.
I wondered about that, I looked at Justins thread and found this picture.
I looked at mine earlier and they are original and they don’t look like that.
OK guys that helps, maybe it'll go up farther on the outside of the seal.
They are pushing me to my patience limit, that is for sure!
I got it to roll up on the outside of the seal.

I'll now work on seeing if I can get it to seat inside the seal.