...And it's 1-1, he swings, .......


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May 18, 2014
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And he crushes it! Aaron Judge has passed Roger Maris with 62 home runs.
(Somewhat) a local boy to me, Judge played his college ball at Fresno State (my school, but I played da football, not da baseball)
Congrats kid, on making history...!
I like that his mama has been at all the games, even up into the 'great white north'..and he's acknowledged her every time.
(And for the record, I'm not a Yanks fan, but....as a baseball fan....history is history!)


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Jan 16, 2011
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NorCal Sierras
good for Aaron Judge,
records are meant to be broken


Sorry, but;

I'm no longer a baseball fan, well the MLB anyway (NBA either)
a bunch of bitchy whiny kneeling "rich elitist' woke foreigners "playing"
what used to be 'America's game', a really fun child's game
getting paid dearly 10's of millions $$s, for what many do
or would do for free

I played baseball from an early age & later softball (in my 30s-50s)
since 1966 in the pee-wee league,
thru HS & a lil' in college, it got in the way of track & field
so I regrettably had to quit

(I too was a football guy, my love of the sport/the Contact
& a track & field guy, at 1st long jump, later just discuss & shotput)

I was a diehard fan, an Oakland Athletics fan, (not a Yankees fan at all)
from 1968 to 1997
I (or my family) had 2 season tickets right behind 1st base/dugouts
I took them over in 1978-ish, I saw lots of great players & great games
lots of great memories

3 strikes, a couple of lockouts
& another 2 years of anti-American kneeling woke BS later
no thanks
MLB/ballers, Players Unions, admin./leadership/commissioners, BS
you didn't care about the fans
so we don't care about you

sorry, had to be said
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Jul 20, 2014
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Laguna Beach, CA
I've been a close Judge watcher too. I keep track of what's going on but rarely watch a season game anymore. I do like the playoffs and the World Series. I have sort of a love hate relationship with the Yankees. When I was a youngster growing up in Mpls we didn't have a team until the Washington Senators pulled up stakes and the well documented cheapskate Clark Griffith moved the team to MN named them the Twins for the Twin Cities of Mpls/St Paul. So obviously my dad never had a local team growing up either. He picked the Yankees and had them through their many, many glory years. All the guys he saw play baseball - wow. Anyway when we got the Twins every time the Yankees were in town half of us 9 kids got to go with he and my mom. He plunked us out in the left field bleachers for $2 a pop while he and my mom sat behind home plate. We saw some great baseball too. So that made me kind of a Yankee fan too. I've read so many biographies of all the great players and still am. Judge has had a historic year. Of course he had the HR title locked up a long time ago as well with the RBIs - but went nip and tuck all season long with Arraez of the Twins for the batting average title. Normally I would have wanted a Twin to win that race - but this year if Judge would have pulled it off he would have won the Triple Crown which is rare air for a baseball player. Last week when Arraez pulled 4 pts ahead I knew Judge was pretty much toast at that point. Arraez was a hitter not a Home run type. He'd get two hits a game while Judge would get walked 2/3 times a game. He got Maris record and will win MVP for the AL - but no Triple Crown. I'm not quite sure the Yankees are good enough to win the World Series with Houston and the Dodgers roaming around out there. Houston will be forever on my **** list - while I once really liked them - But their cheating in the 2017 WS has them forever banned in my mind. I'm calling Yankees/Dodgers with the Dodger bringing home the trophy. Was that pretty much more than you all wanted to know.....?