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Another one bites the dust

Autorama entertainment, at it's finest. Cha-Ching!!!$$$$$$ your 2nd-gen just became worth more. They should have aimed it for the river.
No sadder than those stupid movies where they wreck tons of them. At least people saw this live.
Couldn't believe it actually had the "Stars and Bars" on the roof. Excellent.
Might as well kill another one. Probably a bunch of Chevy fags came up with that original idea.
Maybe it was an AMD special
ha! the value of my charger just went up......1 less in the flock...........sad.
The body they used was a roached out base that was doomed for the junkyard.....A lot of fake parts were used on this car...

They should have used something cheap like a "E" body! :D
They could of used a Ford Mustang none of those people would have known the difference and the few that might would understand and been thankful!