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Feb 20, 2012
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Authorities Remind Nation That Fall Doesn’t Officially Start Until Carol Puts Up Her Sign Reading ‘It’s Fall Y'all’

Sep 22, 2022

BOISE, ID — Despite the traditional sentiment that the fall season starts three weeks into the month of September, officials were quick to remind the populace that fall does not officially begin until Carol puts up her "It's Fall Y'all" sign.

Carol Horsetail, the foremost local authority on fall decor, ceremonially hangs the sign each year to signify the turning of the seasons. "It's become such a wonderful tradition to ring in the beautiful autumn season by covering my home with fall decor," Carol said as she strategically placed dried leaves and withered straw around her living room. "Plus, wielding such immense power is so invigorating!"

Though Carol's sign-hanging has largely become recognized as the starting date of fall, others have raised questions about the legitimacy of her power. "Who is she to determine when a season starts?" asked concerned citizen Linda Crabgrass, Carol's next-door neighbor who also happens to routinely finish second behind Carol in the neighborhood fall decor contest. "There are actual scientific and celestial markers that tell us when seasons begin and end. And her sign is so outdated. Mine is really more authoritative, I think."

At publishing time, Linda was lodging a complaint with government authorities and calling in favors from elected officials in her annual attempt to seize Carol's fall declaration power. As a backup plan, Linda was reportedly planning to unveil an unprecedented Christmas display to place herself in a position of strength to declare the start of the upcoming holiday season.


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Jan 16, 2011
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NorCal Sierras
It's not Fall/Autumn here, it's Indian Summer
we don't have much of a fall, just the leaves turning & falling
we go from;
hot (June)
really hot (August)
to really warm
(sometime into late Sept.)
to downright cold
(after Halloween)
Cold & snow off & on, to really cold, for here teens & twenties
(late Dec.-Jan.)
then back to warm, sometimes 10 months of really nice weather
(Spring what lil' of it we have, really starts in March sometimes April)
& back to downright hot again
(July) "usually"
some years vary a lil', been like that for most of my life
except it's shifted a full month

seems the hot stuff is like a month later than it was when I was a kid
July used to be the worst, around my Birthday July 12th was about the hottest
now August seems to be
it's a physical calendar date/weather deal,
our orbit in relation to the SUN
'not a climate change' deal
we need to eliminate Feb 29 (leap year BS), in/for 50 years we may then,
will be back to near normal again

don't get me started on Daylight or 'Not' daylight saving time/clock BS
& setting it forward & being dark at 4:30pm :BangHead: stupidest **** we ever do
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Nov 21, 2018
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St. Charles, MO
But, we still don't know if she's a ho...............


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Jun 19, 2014
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And is it true that there is no Miss America contestant from that state because no respectable young lady wants to be known as Miss I-da-ho?
I have to stop this right here for a second..... I think this post above deserves it.
RC, That post without a doubt in my view is one of your top 25.
Carry on folks .....