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Any Female Wing Car Owners?

You'd die if you knew how little $'s I have into mine as well! But it was a damn chunk of change when I was only 28... 30 years ago.
Yeah, they have owned those 2 cars for quite awhile as well.
Curious - did Superbirds and Daytona's come without a vinyl top?
Daytonas paint.. Birds vinyl.
Interesting what the engineers decided to do. No expert; but would have thought for racing the idea would be less wind resistance or turbulence and also shunning any undue weight, even ounces, a V top might have been a non-issue though.
I've gotten to ponder on this (what the engineers/designers were thinking) after completely taking apart and putting together two cars in my time. I've come to the conclusion they weren't thinking about some guy 50 years later restoring them lol!
I do believe the race Birds went with paint... street cars it was a cost savings so they didn't have to finish the body work around the rear window plug.
Thanks - as Johnny Carson would say "I did not know that".
In the late 60's early 70, a roach coach driver said she had one. Yeah right we said. Back then I was contract working for my dad building houses and one day a buddy and I were talking about cars when the roach coach drove up on a late afternoon run and the driver said she had a Super Bird. She said that we were her last stop (the truck was pretty sparse) and would be back within an hour if we were going to still be working. Sure enough she came back with one but who knows if it was hers or not. Thing is, how many had access to one if it wasn't theirs? I do someone by the name of JoAnne that had one until recently. She was a member on MoparStyle.com and went by the username of kismgby. Not sure if that's entirely correct but anyways, this was her car.

Back in the mid-seventies, one day three Superbird's were filling up at my first job in a Chevron station at the same time. Not women, but local farm workers who were picking lettuce in the fields. The Mexicans seemed to be drawn to those things before they became popular (and expensive). Oh, one owner was a Filipino with a limp (he came in weekly).

I had put the Superbird "Plymouth" logo on the quarter panels of my parents new '71 Road Runner back then. Can't tell you why, the spoilers, strobe stripes, and canopy vinyl roof should have been enough attention getting magnets. Never had a girl in the RR with me as a teen (except my sister--ugh).
We know they sit on the wings for photo shoots, but I was wondering if any girls have purchased/owned a Daytona or Superbird (not with a partner/spouse/friend/significant other)? The time period doesn't matter: could be new off the showroom floor, in the past sometime, or current owner.

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I don't know if this qualifies, but there's a shemale over at the failing Mopar site that has a Hemi Daytona.
how do you know all that stuff Richard.....???

only pokin fun my friend. LOL.
I knew a girl in New York in the early 90s that had a Superbird 440+6 4 speed car she got in KY for 5 grand in mid 80s. All Original Petty Blue car.