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Anybody running Mickey Thompson ET Street SS tires?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Peosta, IA
I'm just curious if anyone has any experience running Mickey Thompson ET Street SS tires for normal street use? I'm thinking about buying a set of their 305/45/17s and was just curious how well they do on the street with the R2 compound. I know they won't last long but that's okay, I only drive it about 1,000 miles per year.
I have those on the back of my car. I don't drive my car that much but I can't tell the difference between those tires or a regular tread tire on dry pavement. Now as far as wet road conditions, I would avoid that as much as possible.

I went from Hoosiers to M/T and lost traction but gained handling. Worth the trade off for me. 35 mph was the limit for the Hoosiers in the rain but the M/Ts are much better. Bias VS radial plies.
Driving, a lot, on drag radials is something I have about 5 years experience with.
I had Nitto 555R drag radials on my Conquest TSi and they could have killed me the one time I got caught in the rain.
Looking at the tread void, I expected better wet road performance:

So I've been driving on Toyo Proxes TQ drag radials for 3 years, and although rain is rare, so far, not even a hint of slip in the rain. I am so impressed with them as street tires I got a pair for my wife's GTO too:

I have too many traction issues at the track to give the Toyo Proxes TQ drag radials a fair evaluation, but I am putting together a rear suspension with all Caltracs setup so that won't be the problem if the Toyos don't hook once the rear suspension is dialed in.
Been running the nitros for @ 13 years,no burnout hooks great cold,good in rain,my old red dodge is set up good tho
Been running the nitros for @ 13 years,no burnout hooks great cold,good in rain,my old red dodge is set up good tho
I assume you mean Nittos?
I was at 60 mph, on a 70 mph highway, good surface (not worn and ratty) but being very careful since it was a light rain. 10 minutes in and all of a sudden I was spinning and fortunately went left into the grass between the two highway lanes rather than right, into the trees.
No way Nittos, never again! They had plenty of tread.