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Anyone ever try to wrap a glass bumper to make it chrome?


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Jun 30, 2020
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You know, like wrapping a car, but in this case shiny tin foil to make it appear chrome. :lol:
Have seen threads about chrome painting process but this might be better?
Ive seen complete cars done in Chrome wrap. So I think a bumper could be done. Not sure of the finish required though.
I'm not an expert on wraps, but in general, "chrome look" things won't be quite as shiny except for maybe PVD (phase vapor deposition) of aluminum onto the bumper. I REALLY like your idea of "stock looking" glass bumpers
I've never had anything wrapped either and I don't like color keyed or black bumper idea for my Coronet (that works on some cars). Love how lightweight these parts are but want as chrome looking as I can.
Shouldn't be a big deal at all. Sure cheaper than getting originals rechromed as well.
Talked to a Mopar guy that does wraps & tints, thought doing it to my rear bumper, said he'll do it if I want it done, but said they dont come out right and dont last. Going aftermarket instead.
Aftermarket chrome bumper (AMD): Trade-off, cheaper ($500) then rechroming mine ($12-1500) for not lasting as long as rechroming mine
Yes, saw it: steel or glass, make sure NO imperfections if wrap. Guy said "chrome wrap" doesnt look right as far as appearence. Your decision.
$300 wrap fiberglass bumper from abody forum : $500 steel AMD chrome bumper; Man who does wraps for a business/living said wont look right, hence opinion/recommendations/ideas/inputs that furious70 was looking for. Your call furious70, just giving you an answer to question you asked.
Yup Photon440!! Did the "leg work". Research, prices and "expert" input over last 2 weeks has made the decision to go aftermarket steel.
I thought about the wrap or the newer chrome sprays. Since mine is street driven I choose repro AMD bumpers. Fit and finish were great. I guess I don't have a shot of the rear view. Everyone else gets to see the tail lights. Lol.

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Barbee6043, GREAT question (who chromes AMD.....) BUT, BUT the thing is cost analysis of "options" out there: "the look" one wants as well as how often car is exposed to elements, as 6PKRTSE stated, to deteriorate the "chrome". As far as drag guys, thinking is u put battery in trunk for weight for traction, why not use steel for same reason? Yes low pounds (kg) =better ET, got that.
I have a friend that has a sign shop.
He told me the chrome vinyl didn't last very long.
And its more expensive than regular vinyl.
I was going to do the spray faux chrome method on mine
(68 RR fiberglass bumpers & alum. bumper brackets, alum. bolts)
never got that far, I'll get to it someday
I was sort of pissed at the supplier (Unlimited) of the fiberglass bumpers
they need a shitload of prep, more than the normal stuff
have to fab in some running like supports
& straighten some of the cuts & holes
It's just not really high on my priority list at the moment

I was going with black chrome too
chrome paint over a black base & translucent black chrome clear
I've done it before, looks OK for a racecar
or not a show car

it's like almost IIRC 60#-70# less
vs all the OE bumpers & steel brackets, bolts
then I can put weight/ballast, exactly where I need it
car is no heavier than I started with

may not even need ballast either, win win

I took a lot of weight off the front, alum & fiberglass stuff
vs iron & steel or brass, battery PS in the back too
so it will have more of a rear weight bias,
than stock ever was anyway

I've seen a couple of fiberglass bumpers,
with faux chrome, they did with rattle can paint
didn't look like show chrome, but not hideous for a racecar
there are some good chrome paints out there
just need to do a search
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