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Assistance in West Central Wisconsin -


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Jan 31, 2022
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I am looking for a member in the area that does paint on the side. I have ZERO issue paying, but I know at times many members will do as good a job or better than some of the local guys that are doing it for the numbers and pumping them out. I just moved to this area so I dont have any connections of those local guys that really do a good job.

I have a 66 satellite, and as we all know has a lot of straight panels. Well supposed to be straight, this one is showing its age, and the paint has been on it a long time. It needs a good sanding and filling some of those "waves" its really beginning to bother me. I dont feel there is much filler on the car, and as the paint aged it showed some of the flaws. Id like to keep it the same color to eliminate some of the tediousness of door jams etc.

I have no issues dropping it off with cash, nor do I have issues helping in any way shape or form. I grew up around the stuff and I dont feel I would do any better than is on it. I dont have an issue being the grunt worker, sweeping, mopping, taping, and or anything needed.

Any help or direction is certainly appreciated.....
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If money is no problem like stated, MCR in Chippewa Falls
If money is no problem like stated, MCR in Chippewa Falls

Sorry - didn't mean to come across as money isn't an issue. Just meant that I'm not looking for hand outs or charity. I wouldn't mind saving a few bucks by having a member, that does good work, do it on the side. I'm not looking for a show piece. Just a nice clean look to it.....