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At what point do you feel the a stock brake setup is not enough ??

Yup I am in the same situation. Still married but rated 100% disabled by the VA. Back and knees are shot. At 74 I’m lucky I still am active I’m going slow on mine too. If you have buddies then have pizza and beer parties and have them work on the car. I’ve built motors all my life. So I can tell my buddies what to do. It works out for me. Heck I kept all my porting tools so I’m planning on whittling away at a set of aluminum heads and save on the big CNC bills. Good luck on your build.

I am only 65 but like all young men I thought nothing would bother me and I knelt on the concrete all the time working under dashes. I loved electrical work and did a ton of it at the Dodge dealer I worked at over the years and also did everything else including tranny's and all eng work. But by my mid 40's my knees were giving me trouble and I thought what the hell is going on as I am to tuff for this ? Well not as tuff as I thought and like you I have been an auto tech all my life since 1974 when I got out of high school. Authorithas and fibromylagia have really taken a toll on me and I had to have one knee replaced. But I love these cars and this hobby and I will drive and work on my car as much as I can until I cant anymore. Lucky for my my 35 year old son is a tech and he now helps do alot of work on my car when it comes to any heavy work. I cant stand at a bench and port heads anymore as back around 2003 I did my 906 heads and it hurt so bad bending over them on a bench for hrs porting them I knew I could not do any more. Also I had to have back surgery in 2008. And I am the kind of guy who always did all my own work on my car. My brother has a machine shop so I even put larger 2.14 and 1.81 valves in my heads and did all the seat and installed height work. But just cant do it anymore. Well you take care Gunner1 and keep working on your Mopars when you can and get some help also. Ron
Stock brakes are not good enough when it takes your car 110 feet to stop and you only have 100 feet until you hit something....
I have a proportioning valve in the front system per Mark Williams. Drag cars have very little tread surface on the front. Completely different proportioning than street or road race.
An upgrade I am going to look into. Brakes are a great investment because they are insurance of sorts. So they are a double win. Weight reduction, and security,safety.