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B Body owner, 1st B Body since 1979...

Soooo...how many people slowed down on the highway to look at what was on the trailer? :)
Welcome to FBBO - I too have a B Body - the first one in ages. I found a book - " MOPAR B-Body Performance Upgrades 1962-1979 " - by Cartech - it's not a 'bible' on MOPAR, but there have been many upgrades that have become available now, that wasn't around back then - this book gives you a good list to look at and some valuable tips on build-ups and restorations as well. I think it's a good place to start. Good Luck with yours! You'll find plenty of great MOPAR people on this site to help you with any questions that might arise.
There are some issues with it that I will address one by one. The factory oil pressure gauge reads low, but I believe that it's the gauge, so I got a mechanical oil pressure gauge so I can check it. Also, the motor runs well, but isn't as strong as it should be IMHO. It doesn't smoke at all, but I have no idea where the timing is set, nor where it comes in and what the total timing is. The vacuum line to the distributor was not (and still isn't) connected. Even though the 3 carbs are all hooked up with vacuum lines, with the bottom of the T going to the baseplate of the center carb, it doesn't feel (power) or sound like the outboard carbs are opening. I am very happy to have gotten it, seriously believe that both Volo Motors (where my wife and I just got her '65 421 tripower GTO) and Fastlane Classic auto sales should have checked out these cars more thoroughly, so their customers can enjoy them after spending so much money on them, and not have to spend more time and money just to ensure that they are safe to drive and won't have major mechanical or electronic failures.
Thanks for all of the replies. I got a lot of comments on it on the way home, and on a short drive Sunday.
long trip but worth it :D







and a short video
Thanks H. Don't forget this video, although I think it will be more impressive after I do some troubleshooting...
Welcome from Minnesota....beautiful ride.
Although that looks like a very nice Runner I've always known Volo and Fast Lane to sell "half baked" cars. They are flippers even though they want people to believe they are enthusiasts.
I'm dealing with various issues with both cars. I believe they are both good platforms to build on, but I do believe that they shouldn't have some of the issues that they have. I tried to be a smart buyer, and got a discount on both cars, but if classic car preservation is part of their gig, they shouldn't (Fastlane) sell cars with badly leaking windshields (which is being fixed as I type) There are other issues as well, and I am addressing them making preservation, reliability, and safety my priorities.
Thanks again for all of the replies. Windshield is fixed according to the dad of the family business whom I took the RR to for the repairs. No seal at all for the windshield or vinyl top. That has been taken care of. Now he is going to assess the rear glass and hopefully enact a solution for it. Basically, the rear window trim, outside and inside the car, were not installed properly. fortunately for me, a local guy who is very knowledgeable on Mopars, referred me to this old school family repair shop where the guy actually cares about these old cars and is willing to take the time to do it right at a very reasonable price.