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Best electronic ignition kit for stock 273 motor


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Dec 16, 2015
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Tiverton RI
Merry Christmas to all.
Anyway, I'm sick of playing with the stock points distributor on my wifes 65 Belvedere wagon stock 273 2bbl auto. Which electronic conversion kit is good? I see some new names out there. It's just a stock cruiser. I think the old distributor is just getting worn. Thank you all.

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For a daily driver the Mopar orange box kit from Mancini seems like the way to go.
The easier and without any external box, Ignitor ( I, II or III ) by Pertronix. They are made exacty for your needs. Time to do some mechanical mantenience to the dist at the same time


Is just about remove points and condenser from plate and install their system inside allong with the power source to, from RUN circuit.


If not, what has being mentioned.
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My vote is for the "factory style" kit like Mancini has. It's a pretty simple installation.
I’ve been having fits with the Chrysler electronic system. Been through two boxes in the last several months. When it comes to the kits, the bottom line they are all ProForm. Components made in China. I’m about to throw in the towel and switch back to MSD.

As a note, Firecore sells a good product. Not sure if they have a Ready T Run dizzy for the Small block. Dizzy has the electronics internal to the dizzy.
well that wouldn't be a "factory style" by 65 LOL, but yes, would be the Mopar way to do it. On a more "factory style look" Ignitor is the way to go without anything visible from outside and using the existant dist. Is just about remove inners and inserts the new dizzy in place... and a wire
MY 2 cents, If you distrbutor bushings are good the Pertronix kits are so simple. I've installed many over the years and not one failure. Hell my Hemi car has a Pertronix I in it right now.Not bad for a $75 upgrade.
and if bushings are not good, simply replace and run.

being small block, they could be still good enough. Problems related are more on BB due the "slanted" position
Either the stock Mopar Electronic or HEI conversions would be the way to go.
In case anything goes wrong any auto parts store would have a replacement electronic unit.
Looks like most of you would go the stock mopar kit from Mancini. That was my first choice also. Being the wife's stock cruiser I'm not looking for performance. Just simple easy to maintain. Also I don't know how long the distributor has been in the car but it looks pretty beat so that's why I want to change it also. Do it all one time. Thank you all.
stay away from orange box knock offs they are junk and IDK mopar has made any in YEARS
One thing to look for make sure the curve in the distributor is close to the original one. Most of the kits are curved for a cam.