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Beware reproduction fuel filters and KV fuel hoses - Classic, take notice?


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Jan 28, 2012
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I bought a set of the repro plastic fuel filters with KV hoses last year from Classic for my 66 Hemi and had one of the filters split at the seam when I started it and flooded the top of my engine and engine compartment with gas. Fortunately I was just running it in the garage with the hood up and saw gas going everywhere and got it shut down before anything could ignite it. I wrote a thread about this last winter. Complained to Classic and they gave me a credit for the one split filter (why not the other one that I was now scared to use I’ll never know?). They gave me a metal filter to replace the split one and I bought a second to replace the other one. I would expect many vendors besides Classic sell these exact same filters and hoses which they said come from overseas (no surprise there).

Finished some tune up work on the motor today and again started the car up in the garage with the hood up. I walked around to the front and gas is running out of the rear carb filter line and running back along the valve cover and intake to the rear. Got the motor shut down and cleaned up the mess again. Pulled the filters and fuel lines off and tested the rear filter with low air pressure and it was tight. Looked at the KV hoses that come with the filters and some of them showed signs of internal delaminating at the cut ends. I may have bumped the filter slightly replacing the valve cover but nothing rough, and I suspect that was apparently all it took to rupture the inner sleeve and allow gas to run out past the clamps through the delaminated layers of the hose. The hoses never did seem to seat as tightly on the fuel lines as I’m used to. They are kind of hard and not real pliable. Basically, just crappy hose pieces.

l bought some WIX filters and rubber lines to put on it. I feel lucky I don’t have a $60 - 70k piece of burned out 66 Satellite sitting in my garage or worse. Take heed and stay away from these cheap, crappy overseas filters and fuel lines. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from Classic the last two years and will do so in the future, but this stuff is dangerous and doesn’t belong on anyones car.
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