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Big Block Mopar timing


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May 28, 2021
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I follow several Mopar channels on YT and have watched several videos on people building 383's, 440's, and 426 engines.
Some people when installing the timing chain put the dots in the 12/12 position and others use the 6/12 position but none of them show how they place the distributor or plug wires.
A few of them have mentioned that in the manual it says to put the dots at 6/12. If you place the dots at 6/12 you're going to be 180 out so the distributor rotor/ button should be pointing at the #6 piston. Correct? Or am I missing something here?
Dot to dot is correct. Put the oil drive shaft slot in as shown in manual.
Now if you look where the #1 cam lobes are, you can tell if it's on firing or not. Put the distributor in accordingly, Crack a beer.
Maybe this will help..

Here's my 383 when I assembled it 3 yrs ago. Cam at 6 O'clock n crank at 12. I then put the intermediate shaft in and get the slot going front to back. Then set distributor in and wherever the rotor is pointing, I set as #1 plug wire on cap and install the rest of the wires accordingly. I've never paid attention to what cylinder the rotor is pointing to, irrelevant to me. #1 and correct wire placement are what's important.
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