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    Hi I have 3 big blocks for sale one 400,413 and 440

    1974 400 all stock with Aluminum intake flat top pistons, new double roll timing chain new lifters 470 cam, new water pump, has b/e headers. Comes with air cleaner and clutch fan. new electronic distributors with new plugs and wires cap and rotor. Also new gaskets top to bottom front to back also new dip sticks. The 400 has 452 harden seat heads. new Alternators. Price is $4000

    1971 413 rebuilt top to bottom. This is an industrial block which is the strongest block made by the factory and also means it's a under board 440 block. This engine is all standard on block and crank. Crank is drilled for a 4 speed. Comes with 4 speeds transmission and shifter. Aluminum intake dual plane, 452 harden seat heads, Cam is a 477 and double roll timing chain. Also new gaskets top to bottom front to back also new dip sticks. New Distributor cap rotor, plugs wires, and plugs, and oil pan and pickup and water pump and alternator. Price is $4000

    440 is a 1974 running engine. I have a video of the 440 and It is setup to fire up right now so you can hear it run. 61,564 miles on the engine. All stock never been apart. Price is $2000

    I will sell all together for $7000 as a package deal no less.
    Location is Collins ohio 44826

    20200615_220750.jpg 20200615_220745.jpg 20200615_220757.jpg 20200709_150253.jpg 20200709_150305.jpg 20200709_150335.jpg 20200722_132525.jpg 20210107_172429.jpg 20210109_161434.jpg
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