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Bill Hirsch Hemi orange engine paint...

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May 29, 2020
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Southern Illinois
Has anybody used the Hemi orange engine paint offered by Bill Hirsch?

Specifically the brush on/spray on stuff in the quart can.

Their website has it listed as "Chrysler Hemi orange, 70-71 340ci and more"

When I emailed them asking if this would be the correct color for a 1969 Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi, this is the response I got:

"I do not have a direct listing for Dodge cars. Sometimes they used a silver. A quick internet search does show an orange color on this engine though, so it is likely the same hemi orange color."

Does anybody have any experience using this paint on a '69 Hemi ?

My car is a clone, so not going for Mopar Nationals gold.
Very possible I'm wrong think 70/71 hemi orange is a shade redder than 69 and earlier.
Yep ^^^ if Bill doesn't know what colour paint should be then it won't be correct! Buy it from Frank..
To the best of my knowledge.....
Mopar used four different oranges.
1. Race hemi orange. Used on maxwedges and 64/65 race hemi. Very yellowish.
2. Early street hemi orange. 66/67 street hemis, which was more orange than...
3. Street hemi orange, from 68 on up, for a few years on hi performance engine, small blocks and big blocks, more reddish than the 66/67 version.
4. Fram orange, used on aircleaners, especially if an open element type, to match the Fram filter.
So your 69 or 70/71 should be the common "street hemi orange" Then all you have to worry about is the shade variance between different manufacturers and sellers.
Edit: for what it's worth, I have been looking for a quality race hemi orange for a few years, unsuccessfully. Neither Hirsh nor Badalson seem to offer it, and I WONT buy that Mopar spray can garbage again, even if it wasn't $20 a can.
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I got some Hemi orange (Spray can) at NAPA last Dec.I think it was Duplicolor.
I used the Hemi Orange from Hirsch. I think the color is good, but the paint is slow drying and in my opinion not very durable. It skins over hard after you open the can. I sprayed a card and had some PPG Omni mixed to match for future use.