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Blower motor notes


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Jan 5, 2023
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Hi all,

My 1966 Charger with AC needed a new blower motor, so here are my notes. The old motor would only start spinning if I moved it by hand.

There seem to 4 options that come up when searching for replacement blowers. One that is a can with long shafts on each end - clearly not correct. One that is can with no tabs and threaded studs on the front. One with a big flange (the Four Seasons shown in the picture) - this is supposed to the correct for AC cars. Finally one with 3 tabs on the can. This was the correct one for my car. It's part number PM202 and has many different manufacture labels (Murray, VDO, Continental, Four Seasons).

I made a new gasket from gasket material I had on hand. The orange wire is positive and black is negative. This make the motor run clockwise when point the shaft toward yourself. Seems like these squirrel cage blowers typically rotate clockwise. Here is a useful video.

BTW: I can't believe how much manufacturing time must have gone into making the blower. Each blade is a separate part. Very cool.

Also the original motor could be rebuilt. My brushes seemed fine, but the armature contacts needed to be refinished. Disassembly requires removing the rear half of the can without moving the shaft/armature. Don't hammer the shaft, it will break the plate holding the bushes.

Note the first picture shows the new blower mounted with the rubber buffers, this is wrong, they are removed, see the 3rd picture. This is indicated in the blower instructions, I just didn't read them that closely.

Hope this is helpful.



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Mount the armature in a drill pres or drill at the commutator end. Cut a strip of emery cloth the width of the commutator and wrap it once and hold the ends while you spin the armature in the drill. You just need to give it a thorough cleaning and remove any burrs. The finer you can polish it the longer the brushes will last. When you're done turning it, clean out the commutator gaps then give it one final buff to make sure you didn't cause any burrs when you cleaned out the gaps. Assemble, test and f'gedaboudit
Thanks, I may need one soon. Mine sounds like the bushings are dry. I see it is made in Canada, but I probably can't buy it up here!
Where did you find the pm202? I searched on line and didn't find anything
Locate housing for the felt at highest point drill small hole then add 20wt non detergent oil
HVAC tech's have or a rewind shop
I tried drilling a hole and adding oil. I have not had the car running yet to see if it worked
Thanks, I found the listing for the four seasons motor on Rock Auto. Did you end up using the Continental one or the four seasons one? I see you had both pictured.
Thanks, I found the listing for the four seasons motor on Rock Auto. Did you end up using the Continental one or the four seasons one? I see you had both pictured.
I got the continental, it was packaged as a Murray. The one without the flange was correct for my 1966 with AC
Thanks again for getting me the right part number. The one listed on RockAuto was wrong. Installed and working perfectly.