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Blue angels


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Oct 12, 2011
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first time seeing them today. Pretty sure these old mopars would be very boring after piloting one of these things.. it was very impressive!!

Extreme Talent/Balls, but i would much prefer to see their ariel demonstrations in reciprocating Warbirds.
seen these dare devils at fairchild afb quite a few years ago... Just too cool..
We saw them 3 times this summer. At the Milwaukee Air Show, the Oshkosh EAA Fly-In, and the Chicago Air Show. Very impressive! They fly as close as 18" apart in the diamond. The video below gives a great inside look at how they train. It's 4 parts. I've only watched part 1 so far.
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Three great music videos. The first is the original Van Halen video with the jets they were flying in '86. The second is the same song but with the jets they're flying now.

Sadly, what I remember the Blue Angels for the most is the stunt they pulled in Bermuda when I was based there. They were there for an airshow, but Hurricane Emily came through and put an end to those plans. The Angels' planes were stashed in hangars until the storm passed.

The next day, everyone on the base, from the CO to the newest E-1, was tasked to go out and get the place cleaned up. I was working a group of folks down by the hangars, and we saw the Angels' planes getting towed out and preflighted. Then the pilots showed up with a Navy News This Week video crew. The pilots asked if they could borrow some rakes, axes, and shovels, and I said sure... we could use the help. Then the pilots stood there holding the tools while the Navy News folks interviewed them. They were saying how they were putting aside their flying to help the fine folks at NAS Bermuda clean up after Emily. Then the cameras were turned off, the pilots dumped the tools by the side of the road, went to their planes and took off!

I could never see them the same way after that.
When I first joined the Air Force, back in the early eighties, they asked for volunteers to be a Boom Operator and Pararescue. I regret not volunteering for either. :(