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Borla mufflers


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Dec 23, 2016
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Channahon IL.
Anyone running Borla S Type mufflers?? I need to quiet my ride some and get rid of the obnoxious drone at cruising speed. Hell I had to take my hearing aids out!!!
(And that’s no B.S.— LMAO). Let me know if you like them.
Don selleck Didn't you run these on that new system you fabbed up? I remember you said they were still quite loud.
I don't think borlas are quiet but it might reduce the drone. Have you thought about adding some small resonators like the e-bodies had?
Stock-style Walker mufflers? All of the performance mufflers I've used have a highway drone....except cherry bombs which are just loud all the time.
Borla, to me, one of the worst sounding mufflers I have ever heard, quiet until you hit the gas, then they are obnoxiously loud and have a very metallic sound to them that's hard on the ears.
The Borla S's that were on my 9 second ride weren't quiet at any rpm! They may have reduced the db level 10 points is all but they were right off the header collectors and that was it. With a full exhaust system, they probably would have been somewhat quieter. Also, any muffler will be quieter when mounted further away from the engine and with tailpipes.
Resonators from Classicchambered just may do the trick.Thanks for the information.
Walker ulta flo mufflers are quiet not restrictive.
Years ago walkers were considered to be a hemi stock muffler. Are the original walkers still available. These mufflers were good performers and not very load.
I put a Borla cat back on my modern hemi car. I love it. Quiet at idle, and a great not too loud rumble when you punch it. Great set up.
I would check out Jones exhaust at summit. Very reasonable priced stainless mufflers ,resonators ,and tips. I have no personal experience , but thats where im going next time.
I currently have giant flowmasters, hooker aero flows, and long magnaflows. I like the flowmasters best, others dont. Mine dont drone, i think because of a big tailpipe to the bumper. The aeros sound good too. The staight thru magnas are quiet, 28" long case.