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    Don’t mind the cat, He won’t hurt you! Any relocated New England members out there? New never worn promotional jerseys. Give away item from the nineties IIRC. Real deal CCM jerseys. The first one is size XL with tags and has 2 small stains on the back as shown in the pics. The second one is size L and has some pen or sharpie marks on the right collar. New otherwise. NO Funky odors!! No rips or tears. $25 shipped? Or $20 shipped for gold members? or Free to moderators. Thanks FBBO.
    BB995E1B-89FB-407A-9AD5-B2CBA475D6BB.jpeg 7C3636B4-E344-4745-A236-ACBBD16FBC3D.jpeg 821EA2A3-23A7-4FCD-8AFD-83CEF5156DA6.jpeg A4388B33-95EF-4BDA-AF34-9A6BF0A1AFDE.jpeg C7DD7A81-22BA-4403-BB09-2E77DA78A700.jpeg 2563AF70-6807-48CC-B14E-8113AE0EE4B7.jpeg B97BC4DE-3A60-4D51-9C00-CB470C89D0E8.jpeg 1591DEA6-8944-4950-A0D7-78B738F296A2.jpeg
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