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Brake fluid flush 71 RR


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11:15 PM
Apr 9, 2023
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Troy, NY
This is probably a simple post for some but my brake fluid is in rough shape and lower than it should be. I have a vacuum pump and new fluid to flush the system. My question is, should I still do each tire individually or just go to the rear? Also, does it matter if it is the passenger or driver side? Thank you for your help!
Car info: 71 Roadrunner, 383, drums all around
You should do all four untill new fluid comes out of each. Unless changing ALL rubber in the system stay with the dot 3 do not add dot 5 to it all the rubber will swell.
I’ve always done it like Halifaxhops described. Just to add I also try to remove most of the fluid in the master cylinder and refill before vacuuming each bleeder. This way you don’t have to pull all the old fluid and potentially any debris all the way through the lines.
If you have power brakes, on the proportioning valve, there is a plunger on the side that needs to be pulled out, and held out while bleeding. The fsm will show this. There is a tool made to hold it in the out position, but needle nose vise grips work. My suggestion is gravity bleed, but that's just my preference.