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Brake & Turn signal troubleshooting


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9:20 AM
May 20, 2020
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Olympia, WA
I replaced the turn signal cam in my '73 Kary Van, and took some extra time to look around at the condition of things. Like a fool I didn't disconnect the battery cable and accidentally bumped the pin connector with a screwdriver. That melted a fusible link up under the hood (second pic).

I replaced that wiring and added an inline fuse, but I'm getting no brake lights or turn signal. This could be from something in the connections in the steering column ( I had to solder in the new cam), and I was separately trying to free up the sticky brake pedal and may have messed something up in the brake switch wiring, but I'm not getting dash lights or hazard either.

With a test light I only see power from the "H" (Ignition?) terminal. The van starts up fine and the running lights work. Fuses look good and as far as I can tell there isn't a dedicated fuse for brake lights.

I'm going to replace the flasher relay and possibly the brake switch just because I have them, but any hints to where to chase down the lack of lights?


I’d start at the fuse box since you shorted out the system and popped the main fusible link.
I’d start at the fuse box since you shorted out the system and popped the main fusible link.

Thanks. The fuses looked fine but there is a melted terminal (heater slot) from looks like decades ago. I'm making a separate post about replacing that with a universal fuse block.

I see you're in Dayton, that's cool I'm from Shelton.
I think there’s another Dayton over by Shelton.

I’d still check power in and out of the fuse box. Gives a good starting point on which direction needs troubleshooting.