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Broadcast sheet mostly decoded...


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Jul 1, 2020
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Most of the original broadcast sheet from my 70 RR is legible but I am having trouble making out some values for obvious reasons. Some values are perfectly legible but are coming up as Unknown. The best decoder I could find is 1970 E-Body Build Sheet Decoder (e-bodies.org) Although this decoder is for an E body, all of the codes that it did find seem to be accurate. However, could that be why it can't find a matching option for the values that I know are correct?? I seem to be having the most trouble with lines 3-5. Are all of the possible values for these lines available online anywhere? Thanks for any help you can provide.

I attached the original sheet, decoder and the report. Values in red are not present or not legible. The values in orange are legible but come up as Unknown in the report.

This is not a car with many options but I would love to decode all values if possible. Pretty cool what I've found so far, although nothing too exciting. Thanks again!



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Many of the entries on lines 3-5 are the last two digits of the part number associated with that "field".
Try here 1st for a start. online decoders are not 100% accurate but at least it will get you started.

MyMopar - Mopar Forums & Information - Mopar VIN / Fender Tag / Build Sheet Decoding

Then do your cross referencing here

The 1970 Hamtramck Registry Library Page (1970 - 1974) (hamtramck-historical.com)

The decoders on mymopar work well for confirming the values on lines 6-11 but they don't seem to cover the values for lines 3-5. Do you know if those codes are listed elsewhere?
Thanks SgtSuperbird! I had no idea the values on lines 3-5 were mostly comprised of the last two digits of the part number. I managed to determine a few of the unknowns using the parts catalog and, luckily, while confirming a part number online, I stumbled on a decoded sheet for a 70 Road Runner that was handled by a service called Galen's Tag Service. That filled in most of the blanks as my car shared a lot of the same values, with the exception of some high priced goodies ;) There are still a few that I could not locate but I get the idea....

08 - STEERING WHEEL: 3-Spoke
(4)3 - HORN PAD: Partial
x(9) - HORN PAD: Black

161 - P/SHAFT: Part # 2996161 #7290/3.25" x 51.50"
054 - AXLE: I wasn't able to find this part # but I was able to track down the ratio (3.23:1) by locating the part number for the Speedo Pinion (2538932) which also matches the tires (F70 x 14)
90 - FRAME: Part # 2962090 K-Frame: B Body 383 less Skid
62 - S/BAR: Part # 2835862 Ft. Sway Bar: .88" Diameter
92 - SHOCK (RR): Part # 3400592 Rr. Shocks: Firm Ride

68 - LABELS (TIRE): Part # 3402068 Tire Label: F70 x 14" Load Range B
01 - EXHAUST (RT): Rt. Exhaust: R-383 Engine Pipe
03 - TAIL PIPE (LT) Part # 3404003 Lt. Tailpipe: Less Chrome Tip
10 - TAIL PIPE (RT) Part 3404810 Rt. Tailpipe: Less Chrome Tip
B - Car Height: B Body
5 - Car Height: Master Cylinder
51 - Assuming this is Broadcast Print DAY? since 2/3 are HOUR/MINUTE

Thanks again for the tips! That was few hours I will never get back but my curiosity got the best of me.


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I knew the rear was open so that just ties it all together. Thanks! Out of curiosity where did you find that?
I actually Googled it and one article led to another. It was actually information posted on this site awhile ago. There's sooooo much information here - it's just trying to find it. There's so much knowledge with all these members. It's a great place!
Totally. I do my best to search everywhere before I come here as to try and not repeat questions that have been asked before. There really is a lot of knowledge here and so many willing to take the time to help. Good stuff... Thanks again for looking into 054!