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Broke my 7UP Pop Machine today....


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Jan 29, 2018
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Midland Ontario, Canada
SO SO SO Pissed off that I broke my 7UP pop machine today and I'm very fortunate that it appears my arm isn't broken, but it sure is battered. As for the rolling stomach want to puke feeling, I guess there's always Hagerty Classic Car Insurance!

Car dropped into reverse just as I stepped out to make sure she was far enough in to close the overhead door... like I've done a 100 times before. Pinned me hard to the 7UP machine as the door folded back and I was lucky that with the other arm I was able to rock the car forward enough to release my pinched arm and turn off the car.

Mint 57,000 mile door is fawked, skin and shell. Glass doesn't go up or down and is jammed, hinges are bent.. etc.. etc. Only good, it didn't ding or even paint chip the fender... although with today's paint selection a paint match for just the door is just a dream.

I'm amazed the door glass didn't break, jammed right into my pop machine enough to break the plexiglass and destroy the lamp ballast module and it's mount housing behind same.

I need a mint door and hinges for replacement or I guess an AMD complete shell. I've been told they're actually pretty good other than needing some minor gap correction to fender and upper cowl profiles. Told the internals for glass, latch, lock etc all fit quite well. Oh... and one of those "bogus" ECS VIN Decals to boot.
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My heart aches for you man. Glad you’re not as busted up as the machines. I’m thinking a broken arm would be a whole lot easier than your broken heart right now. Hope you get all back on track with everything quickly!
Holy $hit, Wayne! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That is a tough break. Heal up and move on. I feel for ya.
I'm sorry to hear that, Wayne. I'm glad you're still with us, though. I'm sure you'll have both the car and pop machine repaired in no time at all.
What the......???? What went wrong!!? My sister's husband did something similar to his early C2 Corvette back in the late 70's and it tore the door dang near off but sadly.....yeah.....sadly he didn't get hurt. He was a real dumbass and well, what can I say. Hate to see anyone get hurt! But he was.....a real dumbass. Glad you are ok. Did something similar to my 95 Dakota when it wasn't very old but it was minor and was able to get the door to close ok after working it some. The dent is still there tho to remind me....
Sorry to hear, but at least you're okay, albeit sore. As far as the car and soda machine, they can be fixed.
Damn Wayne, That sucks big time. I am glad you are OK cause that could have been really a lot worse.
I will say thanks for posting this as a reason to always put on the parking brake when getting out of your running car.
I have had this happen to me and damn near got ran over so I always put mine on now.
Hard lesson but educational at the same time.
I know you can fix the car but damn I hope you can fix the 7UP machine
DAMN!! Take the time to heal up,body & mind, is #1. Spending time with cutie granddaughter WILL help.
Damn that sux!. Like you said, at least it’s just the door. You could cut out the section with the door sticker and weld it in to the new one.
Sorry to see and hear this. Arm looks damn sore,
Car and pop machine will fix.
Glad your ok.
We have had a couple accidents with driver out of car in our place.
Both times they were older Fords slipping into reverse.
X-ray that arm for compression fractures?

Glad you are ok Wayne.
That arm looks like it's hurtin' for certain. To bad about the door. (An understatement) Is the soda machine totaled?
My heart sank when I read the first few lines....wondering which car it was.

Get your arm sorted out......the 7Up machine can wait....you'll find a new glass....you won't find a new arm.

Have faith in the AMD door skin if you go that way - it's all in the preparation .... doesn't matter that it's a replacement door skin/frame. And now you'll have a real classic piece of wall art to hang in the man cave.
That is terrible. Sorry to learn of this.
I did something similar in 1984. I was working at a Chevy dealership and had pulled a customers car in to wash it. Afterwards, I backed out of a stall with the door open to see behind me and caught the door on the edge of the doorway.
**CRASH** !!
It was only a Cavalier but I was fired!
That's just awful about the car, but it really could have been a heck of a lot worse for you. Years ago, I pinched my forearm in an elevator and I was damn lucky I didn't snap it.

Not a fan of 7 UP, good thing it wasn't a Coke machine.
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