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Building a 650hp street strip 440.....


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1:33 AM
Jul 12, 2011
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Down South
Cubic inch small block! Gotcha!
Should be fun.
R3 Block
Callies Crank
Molnar Rods
Diamond Pistons
Edelbrock Victor heads
Whatcha goin to be doin wit dat der big little motor???? Is that what's going to get you to 200?
No it's going in an A-body street car for a local guy. Probably for a cruise in or two and hit the strip once or twice a year. Being a 48 degree R3, it's not your average small block. I like building the "not so common" stuff like this.

Ended up at 628. If we would have had more time, we would have found the other 22.

Just pulling it another 500rpm probably would have done it, lol.
Looks pretty stout, looks like it was still making power at 6500. At 3hp per 100rpm you should be at 660 @ 7300rpm if it were to keep pulling. What heads did you use?
The new Edelbrock Victor heads. They were just starting to work well at that rpm. We don't have enough lift or duration on this combo to take full advantage of these heads. They pick up flow clear to .900 lift and we had .640 We used Morels high rpm hydraulic rollers. They would have gone 7500rpm plus.
I'll keep this in mind if I have a smallblock project! 1.5 or 1.6 rockers?
I think 700+ is achievable on a race engine with these heads, high CR and a big solid roller. This is just a pump gas cruiser.
I'll keep this in mind if I have a smallblock project! 1.5 or 1.6 rockers?
1.6 Crowers. I wanted 1.7 but didn't have enough piston to valve clearance in case the valvetrain got unhappy.


Very impressed with the rockers. This is the pattern after finding the right shim thickness. I was within .001 of getting full lift so the ratio was dead on. Lots of milling work though.