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Nov 14, 2009
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I bought a computer chip for my Dodge Nitro which they say creates 60 more horse and 4-7 miles to a gallon more.I really wanted it for the gas mileage ,well guess what Snake oil.They say a no question money back guarantee ,well they pretty much told me to get lost.G-Force is who i bought it from in California .With the gas prices the way they are ,they must be makeing alot of money.In fact i think i lost gas mileage,and im 61 ,and dont have my foot on the floor .At my age you,d think i would know better.Oh well if this helps one person not getting burnt ,this will be worth it
I'll bet they are making a killing since I see their ads everywhere on the internet. It can't be cheap to advertise that much. I don't know much about it but I would guess for any real gain you would have to have a custom programmed chip that takes into account your type of driving and your goal of increased mileage.
Thanks for the heads-up. Those ads are inticing.
What do you get fo fuel milage in your Nitro and what engine and transmission Interesting to know. Thanks
I have a 2009 Nitro ,3.7 .I can get around 27-28 on the highway and 20 around town ,depending on the weather of course.After i installed the G-Force chip i visited my Daughter around 170 miles away .I only got around 24 mpg,I wasnt expecting miracles ,but a little better than that .i took it off and tossed it on the work bench and it seems better already.I keep a close eye on the mileage and kilometers ,so i know were the gas guage should be at a certain amount of k,s.Oh yes it is a 3 speed tranny with a lock up tourque .So the rpm,s drop alot when it locks up.Thanks for asking Milo
Go look on Ebay, they sell chips for any car that advertises anywhere from 30HP-5MPG to 100HP-45MPG.

Most of them consist of a resistor that you splice into the wiring harness somewhere. There are some nicer looking chips out there.. but they are all the same.

With that said, for an OBDII system like yours, there probably is something. Check out Summit Racing or google search forums. Dont listen to ads.
Hey Milo ,i dont get were they come up with the mileage on these cars,I saw the Nitro was one of the worst .11 mpg in the city.After i removed the G-Force chip i filled it and the went 190 miles and filled it again.Mostly city miles ,i live in a small town,and i got 21mpg.i cant complain with that ,and im not sitting on the ground with a rice burner,These Nitro,s are around 4,000 lbs .I think .This is my second Nitro ,and im pretty pleased with the mileage.In Canada we are paying around $5.80 a gallon.if i got 11 mpg ,i would get rid of it.
Hi ssok ,im pretty much finished with chips ,thanks for the info.Im going with the old saying ,if they run good leave them alone.LOL