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Can dents in Rallye wheel holes be fixed?


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Mar 31, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ
Two of my four Rallye wheels have dents along the flattened edge of the holes in the wheel centers. One wheel has 3 dented holes, the other has one dented hole. I’m puzzled as to what could have created the dents.

Has anyone else had this on their wheels and were you able to straighten the dent somehow?

I’ve attached photos showing some of the dented holes. All four problem holes have the same kind of dent showing they were struck from the inside pushing outward.

Three photos are upside down. Orientation is usually wrong after uploading from my iPhone. This site doesn’t read the orientation properly most of the time.

7914551C-EFC3-453A-BE8C-6814BEBF24CB.jpeg CA472994-2F93-4715-84AF-FD52C2C2DD42.jpeg B0317E27-9602-4697-96FF-107C33C9FB2A.jpeg C11F0F9C-30BC-407B-A688-B8E1DD83F93D.jpeg
Might be able to use a large flat chisel between the rim and the center and go at it with a hammer after you pull off the trim rings. Might have to use two to get things into position.
You could weld those up and grind back to shape.
You could weld those up and grind back to shape.
Weld it from the back side and grind the front side smooth? That crossed my mind too....but I'd try 'body working' it first. If that didn't work, then the George the Welding Machine would go into action :D
I took a closer look at these dents. Really strange. Like something with serrated teeth was put in each hole that pushed or pried on it from trim ring edge to center cap edge.

Trim ring edge is pushed outward and down toward the outer rim. Center cap edge is pushed inward. Teeth marks are inside at trim ring edge and outside at center cap edge. Passenger side rear wheel has three holes like this, and the passenger front has one. The wheels on the driver side don't have this damage on their holes.

IMG_4675.jpg IMG_4677.jpg IMG_4678.jpg IMG_4679.jpg
Like it was put into some kind of a machine for truing or repair or something.....?
Maybe someone mounting tires on the rims had an issue and used vise grips or other serated pliers to manipulate the rim. Would explain the teeth marks.
Should be able to use a press and push those out. Make sure you have a solid backing before you start pressing. I think a good crack with a punch of sorts would work also. A press is more controlled. But those are not to bad. Never notice that too much once it's all painted up. But I know i know you'll know their there. Same story with all of us. Good luck.
Hmmm, looks like axle splines? Maybe wheel was stuck on hub and some one inserted an axle to pry it off???
Rally wheel centers were standard. The same ones used whether 14" or 15". Stock 14" rallys were made for all models across the bard in 14". Too much work when you can replace with an undamaged one for little money. Or cut the centers out of a standard 14" and have it re-welded to your outer. That is how I made 15 X 7" Rallys out of 14" rallys before they were being reproduced 30+ years ago.