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Cannot access this site on my iphone 5S for the last week


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5:11 AM
Jul 12, 2011
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Down South
Any ideas what would cause this? It's only this site. I can access everything else on the internet.
I also tried to post this thread earlier this morning on my laptop. The site just locked up. The rest of the sites I frequent worked fine. I even cleared out my old cookies and ate a few (the whole package) while I waited for this site to work.
what url exactly are you trying to go to?
I just accessed with my iPhone 5 with no issues.
Wouldn't work trying that either. Error message "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding."
forabodiesonly.com loaded right up. forcbodiesonly.com is doing the same slow, painful load. It'll give me an error message soon.

I can pop over and do a google search with tons of photos and it loads instantly. I clicked on one and the visit site link under it and loaded yellowbullet.com in a fraction of a second. I don't get it.
Its actually something in the Verizon network causing packet loss along a particular route.

Imagine a road map and your trying to get from Atlanta to Detroit. There are literally thousands of ways to do it. If the route you choose has construction, it can really mess you up. That's what is happening here. There is something wrong with the route Verizon is forcing you on, but if you access through a different way, (like a link from yellowbullet) all is fine.

Nothing I can do anything about. Its Verizon.
Ok, no problem. At least I know what the problem is. I'm one of those stone age guys. All this tech is just frustration to me, lol.
I couldn't this morning but have been able to since after noon today
been having connection problems to this site for weeks. All other sites fine and can't figure out why. Applies to my Samsung S6 & PC w/W10-Chrome. The problem appears to happen to both at the same time. I'm wondering why only this site? Are peak periods nearing max 'seats'?
Telus. Happens on home network though, as well as abroad.
Our home ISP uses 4G wireless. When I cannot connect via the ISP, I turn off the wifi on my cell but still have the same issue through Telus.
I made a change that should help. It might take a day or two to be fully implemented, but please check and see if things are resolved.
Hemi hunter- it's a quirk in iPhones; mine pulls it right up. iPhones don't like hemi's, just wedges!!!!!!