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Canopy Vinyl Top Trim Attachment??


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Jan 2, 2011
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new jersey
Does anyone have a 72 Satellite or Road Runner with a Canopy Top Vinyl Roof that could post up pictures of the attachment points on the roof under the rear stainless molding. I know what the clips look like and I remember they had those rivet heads to hold the clips but can't remember the amount of attachments and positioning.

OK got this picture from an old post and I now know there are 6 plastic clips and 2 metal stud type clips. Anyone able to share spacing information???
canopy top rivets (Large).jpg
I have a 72 SSP with the canopy top but it is fully assembled. Can't help with the photos showing the mounting points but if you need any other information I'll be glad to help.
Yes I know you do, where have you been??? Your engine compartment thread died?????????
Hey Ron,
I've been working on the engine compartment and complete front end rebuild. My job has been crazy lately so not much time to work on the project. I do have the front suspension now completed and just today my son and I finished installing the rebuilt brake booster (after Booster Dewey did a complete rebuild). Now I'm trying to wrap-up the rebuild of the entire brake system. All new brakes lines arrived this week. I'm off Monday and plan to evaluate local automotive machine shops in hopes to get the orginal 400 out for some machine work. I'll trying to post some updated photos soon.
I have a vinly top like you and it is off... are you still in need of pictures and measurements?
I have a vinly top like you and it is off... are you still in need of pictures and measurements?

If it isn't any trouble that would be great! The car is going in for paint in a week or so and want to make sure my info. is good before hand.
This was sent to me today from FASFISH,
I'd like to publically thank him for going out of his way for me and taking the time to photograph and measure where these holes and rivets are located for the Canopy Top Rear Molding.
Ron Sannino

(hooked onto the corner of drip rail , the hole of first clip is 2 inches to
center... this is the clip with the nut.... the next clip snaps on a peg which
is 6 and a half away from hole and the next peg is eight inches from that peg
and the last peg is also eight inches away from the prior peg........ start on
the other side of the car and work up fron the drip rail the same way to locate
the rest of pegs..)canopy top rivit6.jpgcanopy top rivet5.jpgcanopy top rivet4.jpgcanopy top rivet3.jpg
Funny, when I had my 71 satellite, I couldn't wait to grind off the rivets and remove the vinyl, but mine was torn and rusting too, vinyl looks nice when new though.