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Car show super surprise.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
We went to the Hot Rod Rock and Rumble here in Colorado Springs today. I can't overstate what a wild time this is. There must be 5,000 cars. There are 25 different bands playing on 5 stages. We took the '71 Challenger. Besides the car show, there's a swap meet a vintage camper show, and a mini bike show. 1/8th mile drag races all day and night. High-speed driving on the banked oval, (no speed limit) A giant circle for burnout donuts. So much more! So a young man came up and asked about the Challenger. His friend owned it in 2000. He had noticed it at a different drag race and had his suspicions it was the same car.

Since we owned the car we changed it from brown to Sublime Green. Changed it from a 3-speed manual to a 4-speed. Changed the interior from a kind of purplish-brown velour to white vinyl. Changed the 318 to a 408 stroker. Numerous other non-visual changes. He said he paid $1700 for it back in the day. We bought it for $5,000 and probably put $20,000 into it. I be damned if it wasn't the same car. He checked the VIN and it matched. Stange world!

I'll post Rock and Rumble videos once folks start posting them on YouTube.
I was there also, saw you driving around but never crossed paths. Buddy was running his big block Dart GTS in the drags. I was there in my DeSoto.

If the car was moving it was probably my son driving. I was on my Blue Schwinn Sting Ray Krate mostly. That show was too big to walk. I talked to a couple of guys driving a Dart GTS or was it a GSS? I complimented them on their car and said you just don't see many of them. There were 3 sublime Challengers on the other hand. I think we lined up close to the Dart at the drags but not exactly so we didn't go head-to-head. Maybe the Dart was Gold? Both my son and I were wearing our cowboy hats. The sun is too wicked at that elevation to go without a hat. When I rode with Bryce on one run at the strip, when he hit second the G's pulled my hat off.

I think this picture was taken at last year's Hot Rod Rock and Rumble. It was taken by a professional photographer so he was able to take out all the distractions from the track at Pikes Peak Intl' Raceway. do you ever do the Off The Street Drags at PPIR? Nice car BTW.
Note that the Colorado front tag is from Vanishing Point. Bryce took me around the banked oval at high speed. Scared me pretty good. Did you see the mini bike race? They lined up about 100 mini bikes on the strip and let them go. The problem was they hit the high-speed oval doing 25 mph when the other cars behind them were doing 80-100 mph. The high-banked oval is nuts. I don't know how the race organizers just let cars go as fast as they want with traffic around them!
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Here's a video from last year. The show isn't officially over yet. It's a 3-day deal. Videos from 2023 should be coming out soon.

Dang near got run over by the mini bikes heading to the track. They need to slow the oval track speeds down, to many drivers out driving their talents. Did you see the Chevelle spin out on the track?
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