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Jun 17, 2021
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Mid Michigan
Curious what size batt would you put in the trunk of a 66 coronet, that is going to run at the 1/4 (1/8) mile track only. Running a +.030 over bore 400 with 10.5:1CR, and a Hyd roller cam (comp cams XR292HR-10). Running an alternator so the batt doesn't have to do all the work. Just finished the install for the fuel cell and want to start fabricating the batt hold down.



We run Optima Red Tops in all our dozen race cars.
The bracket cars that Hot lap a lot = we run Two in
Not light at about 40 Lbs I would guess each!
I would run a group 27 in the right side of the trunk. Unless you want to run (or are required to run) a battery in the stock front location, I always try to put the biggest, nastiest battery i can get in the back of a drag car.
Any 12V battery will be fine. Especially, with only 10.5:1. We don't need the CCA since we don't drive these cars in the winters anymore. I have the same cam in one of my cars with 10.75:1 and use the small lightweight Odyssey battery inside the Repro battery case.
Must think about how often it will be started, and will it have electric fans and/or water pump.
Here you go.

That's a group 27 battery sitting in front of the Super Stock battery.
TSC stores sell a Group 30 tractor battery that is bigger than a Group 27.
I like a battery in the 850 amp range myself, but regardless of what size you use it's important to use good size positive and negative cables. A car body is a poor ground. You should run the same size positive and negative cables. I use a #2 copper welding cable for both and buy my ends from McMaster Carr. If you want trouble free results both heads on the engine should also be grounded with the large diameter cable as well. Proper grounding is an absolute must do if you expect proper engine performance.

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I tried to find the highest amp battery I could fit. IIRC on my '65 Coronet drag car, battery in the trunk I started with a high amp group 27 and #6 or #4 to the front
sometimes with alt, some times not,12,10 to 11.6 car. Later switched an 8D diesel battery I think with #2 welding cable to the front, no alternator, 11.30 to 10.50 car. Tube Arrow got 2 group 30 marine batteries, #0 welding cable, again no alternator. The 11.3 to 10.5 car could go many rounds without recharging. So could the Arrow, frequently 10 to 12 rounds with no recharge If I needed a recharge, I'd have to borrow a generator, very seldom needed. Just my bracket experience.
I've had good luck with group 27 marine batteries in cars / trucks that aren't run daily.
I've run Optima groupe 34/78 or just straight 34 top posts
red or yellow tops, had great life & service from them
had a couple last 14-15 years
use them in my DD too
34/78 or 34 Hot-possitive terminals to the left
& grounds to the right, just works in all my cars/trucks
I have one in my 99 Dakota SLT 4x4
& one in my 68 RR in the pass. side rear trunk
800 (red) & 750 (yellow DC) cca's AGM respectively
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