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Copper oil pressure line routing?


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Aug 5, 2011
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Lisle, Illinois
OK, I'm hoping to route this 1/8" oil line in such a way that I don't pump oil out all over my new carpet, or all over
the engine compartment while I'm driving to a cruise-night! Where do you guys go through the firewall on a 68 B-
body, and if you put a loop in the line close to the back of the engine? Thanks for the replies! Getting closer!
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I ran an Autometer 0-100 in my Charger back in the 80’s. I just cut the end off one of the plastic push plugs that mounts the cardboard and fiberglass noise and heat shield to the firewall and went thru that. I used the line they supplied, it was clear plastic. :D
The loop is to absorb vibrations. If the line somehow breaks inside the car your carpet will no longer squeek.
Nothing worse than squeaky carpet! Almost as bad as owning a Chebby!
I went electric gauge for that very reason - didn't like the idea of hot oil potentially spraying everywhere inside.
The MOST important part of the puzzle is a restricted orifice in the block fitting that feeds the line!
If you are worried about using plastic line, don't . It has been supplied for many decades with oil pressure gauges. But, if you seal the gauge end you could run the tubing through a rubber hose sleeve and through the firewall. Any leakage will run out to the ground.
The MOST important part of the puzzle is a restricted orifice in the block fitting that feeds the line!
I put a tee in on mine so the stock Charger electric oil pressure gauge would also function. With the high pressure spring in a stock pump it was 80 PSI at 2000 RPM.
The original fitting kit came with the block fittings and there was a teenie hole in the top fitting that the
line connects to, but didn't know that there was an orfice in it? I'm using two Stewart Warner Stage III
gauges (NEW) that I purchased in the 70's. Electric sounds like the way to go! I also have a Trans Temp
probe that has to go in the Trans pan. It's a Big Honker! Going to mount the gauges under the dash just
above the console. Maybe I'll put that one through the floor inside the console.
clear plastic line is not NHRA approved for a reason, use copper or steel braid is best
I'd never use plastic again. I even had a guage blow out once. Both times made a real mess. Quality guage and braided line for me.

You should probably have a loop by the engine. I had copper on an old gauge without a loop. It broke in the engine bay while driving one day
Where do you get this braided line? I have had the same oil press gauge, and it's plastic line, in my 67 R/T since about 1978. This thread is making me think about that old 44 year old plastic line......
My 66 Corvette uses a steel line (SBs use copper) and has 2 complete loops of about 3” diameter for vibration and movement before it goes through the firewall. But I’ve not had any issues with the plastic lines as long as they are not kinked and an isolator is installed at the firewall. I did run it through some silicone tubing in the engine bay on my Hemi because of the intake heat tubes back there.