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    Sep 11, 2013
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    Dad bought his 67 gtx at a dealership called REEDMANS in Langhorne PA. Then in 1969 he traded it in on a green 69 barracuda 340 4spd at a dealership called ROTHMALLS in Danville PA. After that we have no ideas. Now my dad bought it back in 2002 from a guy named ken debones in Orangeville PA. Ken debones bought it from a guy named Dave mcgaw who was from PA. I cant find him. Now some time ago I ran into a guy at a mopar car show in muncy PA. that told me owned it at one point. His name is Don golden from Berwick PA. He owns or owned a place called start-n-charge in Berwick PA. Would love to know who owned & where the car went. Its a 67 gtx 440 4spd w/ black interior bright blue exterior. When dad bought it back someone put in a 383 w/ a 8 3/4 rear end. Also when dad bought it new he put in a new Hurst shifter & it was still in the car when Ken debonis bought it. At one point it was repainted & long leaf spring shackles was installed. We believe it was wrecked at one time. We had to put it on a frame machine to straighten out the front end. Someone cut wholes in the dash frame to put in aftermarket gauges. Don golden showed me a picture of it when he owned it & it had cragers on it. Anyone have more info on it please contact me. Thanks
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