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  1. tommytmopar

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    Mar 26, 2017
    Decatur AL
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    rear end complete minus brake lines. Dana 50 not 60. Disc brakes. Has never ran in car.i installed in RR then when joint didn’t match I learned it wasn’t a sixty. Has the small yoke. I have the conversion unjoint if you want it. 500 dollars.

    638D4B4C-C545-4C89-AA2A-7956B0B91D2F.jpeg 8CF13846-3B4D-4499-837D-7F00265ED519.jpeg 51F6C9F1-61D2-4B25-B8B9-7710AF99285A.jpeg A7D63591-A54E-4556-A7FA-E08D3482456B.jpeg
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