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FOR SALE Direct Connection Chrome Valve Covers - Big Block

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Jan 13, 2009
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I have a set of the old style DC chrome valve covers - the ones everyone wants. Driver quality, could use a rechrome. $150 plus shipping - pics to come
With all due respect, I think the "ones everyone wants" actually say Direct Connection on them and aren't just chromed.
Best of luck for a quick sale!
Are you talking about the old anodized ones, or the junk SBC looking ones they were selling a couple years back?
No, the old BB/chrome ones. Stamped "Direct Connection".
I have a set of DC chrome BB valve covers, that I bought for my car in the 70's. There is NO stamping whatsoever on them.
Those "DC" stampings must be a newer version (anyone know when they arrived on the scene?), some of us do prefer the original (plain) style.
Those are the junk small block Chevy looking ones I'm talking about... They are sold by a bunch of companies without the logo too, they're thin, bend easy, junk.

On second thought maybe I'll keep these originals and re-chrome them.
These have a piece of dated paper, from 2001 between them. I'm sure they're older than that[been in the basement since I moved here] These are obviously the real-deal.....and have the dust to prove it. I sold the matching air-cleaner, about a decade ago.



The OP's set are like the 400 magnum style and I prefer those. They also have more clearance for rockers with bigger camshafts as the baffles are higher inside.
I bought these last summer. Does anyone recall seeing similar ones? I've never run across this style before.

The chrome valve cover without "Direct Connection" logo from March 1, 1977 direct connection catalog:
B engine P4007542 right side ...43 left side
A engine P4007102 right side ...03 left side
Note: These have the PCV and breather holes in the center/middle of the valve cover, not on the ends.
The ones without the "Direct Connection" are the good ones. They are taller that the other ones. The ones that say "Direct Connection" are the ones that came after and are junk. I've got a few sets of the good ones. They clear after market rocker arms.
Note: These have the PCV and breather holes in the center/middle of the valve cover, not on the ends.

Let me clarify, the plain chrome direct connection valve covers for the small block have the holes punched in the center/middle. I do not know for sure where the holes are punched in the R/RB valve covers of the same vintage.
They're only tall in the middle, and I believe the baffles are fairly low. We had lots of the painted ones, back in the day.
I liked that style Wagonman, they were out for a couple of years around 2006-2008.

The ones pictured above that say Direct Connection on them are the same valve covers you can still buy from Proform and Trans Dapt (and others), they're just stamped with "Direct Connection" and Mopar charged double.
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