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Do any of you belong to car clubs?


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I'm thinking about the Southern Colorado Mopar Club. What is your impression of club membership?
I am my own car club! Lol Kidding aside, I used to belong to the Northeast Mighty Mopars club years ago,and more recently Mopars in Motion. I enjoy their shows.



Sweet, chargervert! What are all those? I thought I had too many. You are my hero. My proclivities go for quantity, not Quality though.
It's cool to find like minded collectors local to you. I'm not much of a club guy because they seem to be more about shows than driving. I just enjoy my stuff on my own terms and I'm not much for shows.
Mopars of Las Vegas
Its nice to get out a few times a year, we have meet ups and sometimes cruises.
I've had nothing but bad luck with them. You could have the nicest, best of show car at a show, and if you're not a member of that club, you won't win $h!t! Seen it more than once! Other clubs they say you have to come to a meeting in order to get your club card, after being told they'll mail it to you when you sign up at a show, so you piss your money away for nothing because you never activated your account. Do yourself a favor, save your money and go buy a tank of gas instead! JMHO
I agree about going to car shows where I am not a member. The rattiest car got a trophy. Because they were a member of the club. But that is ok I know what I have and proud of it. Don't let it bother you just go with the flow and enjoy your day. I go to cars shows just to talk with other car owners and here their stories. Also get comments of my car and how nice it is. Make for a rewarding day. Have fun and kick back and enjoy life.
Yes, a long time ago, but only because I received hefty discounts on Mopar parts and Direct Connection parts. They had a a good monthly newsletter too.
It's a good way to meet people with similar interests, but wether it's for you or not depends on the existing club members and your own attitudes about socializing.
Yes... and the reason is, my club generates $$$ for charities for Autism, our local P.D. DARE program, St.Judes Childrens Hospital, and others.
Aren't we all already a part of one of the most exclusive mopar clubs of them all right here at FBBO?
I was a member of a local "Mopar" club before I joined FBBO. The current president is a Ford guy with a '65 Mustang. There are not enough real Mopar guys in my area to float a true club. I support diversity in the car hobby, I just spent a day at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle with two Ford buddies. But I think a Mustang owner being president of a Mopar club is a sick perversion. That dude hits me up to rejoin every time I take the GTX to a show. My answer is sorry, I found a real Mopar club, with real B body guys, and I am not going back to his version. I'm okay with folks who swing both ways, but I ain't one of them.
I’ve been a member of the Chicagoland Mopar Connection for some time. I have attended their shows for years and am casual friends with other members including some board members.
But it’s only recently that I’ve started getting more involved in the club. I’ve really wanted to travel to further away shows and have a trailer now, but my closest longtime Mopar friends have health and family issues and can’t get away for a weekend ever. My motivation for getting more into the club was mostly to get some new car friends who might be able to travel, as heading off 100s of miles in my rig alone doesn’t appeal.
So far I’m enjoying getting more into the club. I know clubs can be cliquish, and the politics and such, but CMC is a great group of Mopar diehards!
I am a founding member of a car club. The Gasconade Timing Association. We have members with show cars to drag cars. Several members, including myself, raced Nostalgia Super Stock. We put on several shows a year. This April was the 30th annual Springfest car show on main street Owensville Missouri. Which is in Gasconade County, hence the name. We support a College Scholarship, several local charities, and one of our big donations each year goes to the Honorflite, to send veterans to Washington D.C. to see the war memorials. We have raised enough to fully fund three flights of Veterans.
Not just a Mopar club, but I would say at least 1/2 of the members own Mopars.
GTA Car Club

And the funny thing is, back when we were kids hot rodding around town, we were the troublemakers and now our club is one of the first organizations local people look to, to help raise money and help with events.
I joined the Western Ontario Mopar Owners club over 35 years ago. We are a registered charitable organization. Our main annual fundraiser is our Mopar Show and Raceday at Sparta Dragstrip. The proceeds from this event allow us to make charitable donations to local causes. Annual club dues remain at $25.00 for the year. I consider this a small price to pay for the camaraderie of our group, information of upcoming events, and tips on parts and vehicles for sale. We have monthly meetings and organize a summer family barbeque for members and their families. We also enjoy a spring and fall cruise. Wives and family are included as much as they want to be in club events. This weekend, a local Chrysler dealer is hosting a Mopar show. They sponsor a few trophies and a lunch for the attendees of roast pork and salads. They have always provided free event shirts and door prizes. This is one of our favorite events of the summer. This dealer also sponsors our Raceday the following weekend. Last year, the dealer sold a $90,000.00 Ram truck to a club member as a direct result of the show.
The only ones near me suck. So I am part of my own car club.

Barefoot Cruisers. You need a car, and a barefoot gas pedal. No dues, no BS.:lol: