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Dodge Le Baron Coupe 1978

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Apr 3, 2023
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Hi all,

I have after more than 20 years storage pulled my 1978 Dodge Le Baron out from storage. Bought her in 1991 and runs well. Starts easily with the Edelbrock carb I fitted in 1998 insted of Thermoquad. 3.18 engine and an electric sunroof. A very rare bird indeed over here as there are none in Sweden and perhaps 2 or 3 in Norway. Anyone of you who may know of a supplier of gasket for the sunroof? My supplier of Dodge parts in USA, Coller Dodge, packed in over 10 years ago. Got a two porter Holley and manifold spare that I inteded to fit but never bothered, but may come in handy. Overhauled the carb myself about 24 years ago and "as new"
I have the original spare parts book from Chrysler but the sunroof in that is listed with glassroof and mine is steel.
All help, hints and tips are most welcome.

Safe driving



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I like the boattail M body cars.

Friend of mine had one of those with T tops.
Welcome! My story is barely any different. Got my 78 in 92, quit driving it in about 2000. Still have it. Silver/red leather, mirrored moonroof, 360, loaded.
Looks like you have a 79 grille.( like mine).
Are you sure yours is a 318? Looks like you have the big 360 aircleaner.
Your roof was put in by ASC, not sure if they're still in business.
Thanks for your help but I am sure it is a 3.18 as the Thermoquad was fitted to it. I will again check all numbers written down by me with those in the large Spares Book. And I have an extra sales book lying around somewhere. Done the LH door and mounted original outside mirror. It came with a pair of cheap mirrors outside. I scrapped those and had a pair from a Cordoba fitted. Still have those and a set of Aspen outside mirrors in very good condition.


Is it a Europe spec car? Quite a few differences, tail lights , says Dodge on the trunk..
I know but the Diplomat name was taken by Opel in Norway so they changed the name to Le Baron. It was first registered in Norway in 1982 so may have been a left over. I had a Club Cab from 1978 bought new in 1981 so Chrysler had a large sales bank
LeBarons were Chryslers in Canada. The Dodge variants were Diplomats. We also had a Plymouth version up here, the Caravelle. I think that was Canada only. They were built in Windsor, Ontario. I had a '78 Caravelle that the rust worm ate up. One day, I heard a loud "bang" out in the driveway. When I investigated, one of the torsion bars had snapped on it. I replaced that car with a 1979 Diplomat coupe. It was a good looking car in black, black vinyl top and grey interior. It was eventually replaced by a 1987 Chrysler 5th. Avenue. It was silver metallic, grey vinyl top, and dark red leather interior. Nice comfortable car with a lot of comfort options. I never liked the unreliable Lean Burn emission systems on these.
Thanks for your kind help. Interesting indeed. Mine was built in St. Louis in 1977. I seem to recall november but will check. You are right about that Lean Burn system. Mine clapped out on first my Aspen from 1978 and then on this after a few years. I consider it to be Crap. I have stocked up some parts from USA already. All bushes in front among things and rear brake hardware all in case.. . . She starts and run well with the Edelbrock 600cc. All stainless Steel exterior lists and fasteners are as new, needs only cleaning. Car could benefit from a slight respray but I covered up the paint with Tectyl before she was stored. You are indeed all very helpful. More news tomorrow. Safe driving all of you
Hi all again,
I have written to the manufacturer of the sunroof with details but as per today no answer. Let us hope they do answer In case not I shall ask some friends in Canada to phone them up and ask. I do have a couple of friends from a motorcycle club I used to me membership secretary of for ten years.
Attatched some information for you who may not have seen it before. Taken from the spares list I got hold of from a Dodge dealer in USA more than 20 years ago.
My cars details are on the firtst photo and the rest speaks for itself.
I wish you all a Happy Easter and stay human and drive carefully.

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