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Dog dish fitment


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Jul 4, 2012
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I am painting my wheels body color and adding dog dish hubcaps. Question is can i put 1966 Plymouth Fury 14" DOG DISH HUBCAPS ON NEW 15" STEELIES?
Depends on the "tang ring" as I like to call it.

Up til 67, it was almost 10".

For 68 they changed to 9".

How is the "new" wheel made?

If it's OEM Mopar, probably not.
Agree with YY1. I think(!) 67 was the crossover year between the 10" early caps, and the newer 68-up 9" caps. Since all of the aftermarket 15" steelies are set up for the 9", probably not.
There are solutions. You can get 10" centers new from Duster 22, (I think that's right) and have them put in a 15"hoop (plus then you can set backspace exactly where you want it). I have also seen 10s glued over nines, plus other tricks.
Edit: note, the caps don't care if the rim is 13,14,15, or 17, the mounting ring on the wheel center determines what cap fits.