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A young friends daughter and their first born, Tyson. He spends most of his time as a body guard.
Diesel the 160-pound male Newfoundland went on an unauthorized walk today. I was working in the garage and had to go to the parts store. I was gone about 20 minutes and must not have shut the door from the house to the garage. So on the way back here's Diesel looking every bit of a black bear casually walking down the sidewalk about 200 yards from the house. I know everyone talks about how Newfies look like bears but with his slow-motion ponderous walk and his head hung low he really moved like a bear.

We went to visit Thor at the trainer today. It took him a few sniffs and he was happy to see me. He had some social anxiety, even though I had had him around people and other dogs. He is 100% better. He walked over to the other kennel to check on his buddies. The obedience trainer says he is a very smart dog and that the training I have given him was very good. She did notice his stubborn side (that comes from wife’s side of the family) In 2 weeks he starts the gun dog portion. That is 2-3 months, I’m not going to rush it. As much as I miss him, I will wait for the program to be completed. We enjoyed a couple of hours of fetch before I left.

I have used uShip to ship cars and large service station signs, but now I'm looking at them to ship a dog. To fly from here to civilization is stupidly expensive and usually has two layovers that are hours long. It's much cheaper and faster to drive to Denver and then catch a flight.

So, we shall see what we see, with uShip
Sam, are you still trying to get that groenendael (sp?). Best of luck to both of you. She's gorgeous, and I'll bet very special.
Sam, are you still trying to get that groenendael (sp?). Best of luck to both of you. She's gorgeous, and I'll bet very special.
She is in Riverside, 1,300 miles from me. I thought I was looking in Colorado. Now, I'm still thinking about her as she looks and sounds like my first. Annie was also shy around adults, but loved kids and animals. Meant to be? We'll see.

This was my Annie at 10-12 years old.

P1017185 2.JPG

and a few years later

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 7.52.53 AM.png
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Sam, where is the dog located, where does it need to go? There is a dog transport company that one of my customers services his vehicles.