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Elvis 2 years 8 months

Elvis 2-22-2018 snow 2 years 8 months.JPG
Caught him behind the garage... smoking

At least it's a pipe
The Newfoundlands, Diesel, and Little Bear were totally spoiled today. My daughter came down and gave them a nice bath outside with the garden hose. Remember these are Newfoundlands and they love cold and they love water. Then she took them to Starbucks for something called a Puppy Cup which is just a cup of whipped cream, then they got blow-dried on their trip out to the ranch to hang out and run around.


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WHAT??? "LITTLE BEAR", so it IS a "FREAKIN...BEAR"!! Glad THAT is corrected!! Nice try Steve! :lol:
This is someone else's Newfie but ours make the same bear sounds and sneezes when they're on their backs. They like showing off rolling around on their backs and making bear sounds. You ought to see them in a snow drift! They go nuts! The bear thing comes up with every other person that sees them. Maybe two out of three. The nickname for the breed is Gentle Giants.

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You need a bigger couch.

I just read this article.

Newfoundland Dog​


Of all the dogs that look like bears, Newfoundlands may be the sweetest! At up to 150 pounds and 28 inches tall at the shoulder, Newfies are as gentle as they are massive. They’re so patient and kind that they’ve earned the nickname “nanny dogs” for the way they watch over children.
With webbed feet, Newfies are nautical by nature and were bred as working dogs for Canadian fishermen. When they weren’t making heroic rescues from the icy North Atlantic, they earned their keep as deckhands, hauling nets and pulling carts full of fish to market.
Seaman is perhaps one of the most famous Newfoundlands and a perfect example of the brave and loyal nature of the breed. Seaman accompanied Lewis and Clark on their epic trek across the American wilderness. Depicted in ten different monuments, he helped the expedition with hunting, guarding, and even saved lives by chasing a charging buffalo away.

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