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Drivers seat adjustment

Darth Ooten

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7:54 PM
Feb 22, 2022
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Redding ca
I recently picked up 68 gtx 4 spd. Love the car and so does the wife. She really wants to drive it but we have a problem. She's to short to reach the pedals with the seat all the way forward. I'm sure this isn't a unique problem and am curious how others have solved it. Thanks
Look at the bottoms of the seat frames. There are usually a series of holes that you can switch the mounting bolts into. These would be the holes closest to the floor, not the ones that attach to the seat base.

IMG_2554 (2020_05_07 15_22_26 UTC).JPG
If the seat cushions are original, that can make a big difference. I'm short and if the seats have worn out foam, it means I am sitting a few inches farther back. I'm glad Stanton posted that info about the tracks. I'll do that in future cars or next time the seats are out.
Getting one of these would solve the problem but then you'd have a new set of problems. :lol:

Year One part # SB246
Seat relocation brackets, jegs has them also.
Thanks guys. I'll take a look at the seat frames but the cushions are probably also part of the issue.