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dustless blasting


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Oct 20, 2012
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hi would I do it again? NO!!! it is quick and yes there is no dust. the slurry mix with the water in the dustless blaster it's a mess. the owner of the car got the blaster because of clean up was less HA!!!!! there is slurry mud every place. I have to take a presser washer to clean the residue up a week to clean up the crap!!! he will pay for clean up on it!!!:angryfire:
Gee, it's unusual for marketers to understate the negatives of their product... :jerk:

I watched some vids by them on Youtube, and noted they stated very little mess, and I thought BS. If it takes 5 bags of abrasive to blast, you will have 5 bags worth of abrasive on the floor as well as all the paint, filler and rust removed...
I think there is a big difference between the commercial dustless blasters you see on the vids and what this guy used. A good dustless blaster will cost well over a grand and I'm sure this guy didn't spend that kind of money to blast one car.

On the other hand 5 bags of media will result in 5 bags of media whether its blasted with water or not. However, it is not reasonable to expect that any kind of blasting won't leave some kind of a mess to be either hosed off or cleaned up so blasting in a place that can easily be cleaned would seem to be common sense. If this guy thinks he has a mess to clean after dustless blasting, then I would like to see what he would call the mess from conventional media blasting. I'll take dustless any day.. at least the mess is concentrated in one area and relatively easy to clean up. Also, dustless blasting is just that... blasting without dust. Nothing in the advertising says there won't be residue to be cleaned.
I now have to power wash everything which means water on bare metal. dustless blasting kept it in a more confined area but it's taking longer to clean it
Looking at your other thread it seems you were planning on blasting in a garage. Not a good idea, trust me... been there done that with a conventional sand blaster. It took hours and hours to clean up and I was still finding sand in corners months later. Best practice is to blast outside dustless or conventional and yes.. you will have to rinse the residue out of the car either way. You even have to hose off a car that's been dipped before priming in order to remove the phosphate coating. Anyway you go there's going to be a mess to clean up.
Silly question but won't rinsing off that freshly opened metal cause instant rusting? Seems traditional media blasting is still the way to go. Only need a vac and air compressor to clean a car. No rust causing water.
Silly question but won't rinsing off that freshly opened metal cause instant rusting? Seems traditional media blasting is still the way to go. Only need a vac and air compressor to clean a car. No rust causing water.

Traditional media blasting removes everything down to the bare metal just as any other blasting does. Even when you blast a car dry it will flash rust within hours just from the humidity in the air. The only way to prevent flash rusting when blasting with any kind of media is to be ready to prime the car as soon as everything is cleaned up. Even when dipping a car once you rinse off the phosphate coating it will flash rust if you don't prime it right away. I'm not talking about primer filler or anything like that, but a good coat of DP-90 which is a great etching primer will protect it from flash rusting for years if its kept out of the weather. When I had my pro-street car dipped I washed the phosphate coating off, used a leaf blower and compressed air to dry it, and then shot it inside and out with DP-90. It was under construction in my garage for 4 years after that and not a spot of flash rust anywhere.
According to their web site for cars they prefer recycled glass, but you can use just about any abrasive that sinks in water and doesn’t dissolve.

I have to say these guys aren't cheap. In one video a guy has a 32 Ford sedan body and wants just the outside blasted. They charged him $900 and it took about 2 hours to do the work. Maybe I'm cheap but for $900 I'll sand it down myself. Just imagine what it would cost for a full sized "B" body.

the media was sand i'll post some picts. later of the blaster and some of the mess. the floor clean up was easy with a broom but the inside of the car not good. the underside of the hood trunk and doors were all off the car. the unit empty weighs @500# and the cost for it was in the neighbor of $8000.00
I understand opening the porosity of the metal with media or dustless, but having to rinse and then dry the car seems like an opportunity to miss moisture and cause rust to start. I agree with immediately priming! Even oil in your hands will cause flash rust. I spent 1500 to have mine media blasted.
Just remember, Media Blasting is not for the cheap cost-conscious folks. 900 bucks is way too cheap, BUT, their video they just blast the outside! When I blast a car I get every square inch! And, I am not cheap, for a full B Body with all it's parts I charge, and get $2500.00 or so just for media blasting. $1000.00 bucks is NOTHING in media blasting expenses, NOTHING! Each foot of blasting hose is $12.00, Each nozzle is $150.00, one lb of Plastic is on the cheap side $1.25 and I will expend perhaps 2500 lbs of Plastic on a typical car, with a loss of 100-150 lbs of media per car. If you attempt to do this on your car, for a first time, you're taking a HUGE risk. The Dustless system is not dustless, no media blasting is dustless. The dust is in the water. I went to their factory in Houston to try their system to get a first-hand experience. Let me tell you the sludge factor on the ground is enormous. However, to a mobile guy going around to municiple entities doing little jobs here and there; railings in the park need to be blasted clean, Merry go rounds at the park, etc this is a perfect system. For a commercial application in my realm, no way.