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Early B-Body hood scoops, opinions?


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Apr 17, 2019
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East Tennessee
I am kinda wanting a scoop on my pristine 64 Polara hood. The car is a 440 pushbutton 727, Dana 60 but not a race car, pretty docile setup. It will however flame the tires just by stepping hard on the pedal. Always have loved the Max Wedge cars though (thus my screen name...). So what do you think? Is a scoop overkill, ridiculous on this car? If not, do you like a MW scoop or a Hemi scoop? It would be a bolt on, probably painted satin black. If I do it I would probably buy it from Sled City after reading about them here. I was leaning toward the Hemi, but I kinda like the MW too. I know I want a low one, and I prefer MW scoops when the outside edges do NOT appear taller than the middle. Anybody want to show me theirs to help convince me?

Thanks, Bernie
Love the hood scoops on these cars! Like this one below

I have no problem with scoops on these cars, i think they look great, but just please dont cut up a nice steel hood! Get a whole glass hood from sled city , or whomever, with a scoop on it. I cut up a nice 62 hood for a scoop, and regret it every day. I think you will get a similar opinion from others here.
I agree with 33 IMP. The scoops are great but get another hood and put the original steel hood away.
Not planning on making the hood functional, I understand they aren't very effective in any case so no plans to cut an intake hole. If I do it, it would be a bolt on so if the car ever went back stock it would be an easy fix. Body color may be an option but I kinda like the late 60's early 70's look with blacked out scoops.
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They aren't real effective from a ram air viewpoint, but they will keep under-hood temperature down. That probably helps as much as the ram effect.
I like the scoops on these cars as it gives them the S/S look. I'm using a MW style on my '63, with the hood cut-outs...
If it's an original paint car or something I would not mess with the hood at all. Maybe get a whole new hood and scoop and put the old hood in safe indoor storage. If I had some money to spend I think a fiberglass hood and scoop would be the way to go. I would add the scoop, do the body work, and then paint the whole hood to match the rest of the car. I personally dont like the way a bolt on style hood scoop looks and your car is so clean I think it would mess up the look you have.

A fiberglass hood would take some weight off the front end of your car making it perform even better. And additionally it's better to attach the same kind of materials together, it's just more likely to turn out well and last the longest. For example I would try to do a fiberglass hood with fiberglass scoop, or steel hood with steel scoop. I would try to avoid putting a fiberglass scoop on a steel hood, although I know its been done succesfully... your fighting against the odds and the heat from engine and constant vibrations could cause a crack to form.

I would not bolt on a scoop, I dont think that that's the look you want.
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MW, I bought that at Carlisle from AAR, I think, before they changed names ? All fiberglass scoops need some work, and this one has been modified, and the center mount added. Height adjustment will be set with a stainless sleeve for the final mounting. Oh, and You have a Great Looking Car there too !
I have a 64 putting on glass hinged hood and me scoop. The only way to go. Got mine from glasstec and vfn fiberglass. You need to paint it same color as car. It's beautiful.
You always want to take the design of the whole car into the decision. That's why factory stuff always looks so good. They were paying their talented designers for nothing. Proportions in also an overlooked concept in design. Let me use this as an example. See how the sweeping curves are reflected in the Camaro's hood? Nothing is flat, it's all curves. On the E Body the hood scoop is picking up on the more rectangular shape of the whole front clip. If you swapped these scoops it would look like hell.