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Edelbrock Brock dual bolt pattern on a thermoquad manifold

TQ, a great idea! It will bolt on. What you need to check is that [a] the throttle blades clear the manifold @ WOT.
no passages in the TQ base are exposed. If they are, choices are a spacer/adapter...or...you may be able to fill the carb passages with Devcon, then file flat.

Not sure what you are working on. I have used TQs on intakes designed to use the 4500 Holley carb. There is enough metal in the TQ mounting feet to drill it for the 4500 pattern. Air valve mounting will need modification, otherwise bolts on.
Does it work without a adapter? What gasket should I use?
I've not done this, but I would be VERY tempted to use a carb adapter since you can buy them off the shelf at O'Reilly for cheap.
Please, I'm confused. Are you putting an Edelbrock carb on a manifold originally fitted with a TQ ? Or, a TQ on an Edelbrock manifold ?
Edelbrock carb on TQ intake would likely require some sort of thin plate or adaptor to prevent vacuum leaks and possible primary throttle butterfly interference. The small pattern on the Edelbrock carb is the same as the TQ.
Yes you have to have an adapter/spacer. I used Mr gasket #1932. the throttle blades on the edelbrock will hit the intake because they do not line up.