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EMS upgrade


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Oct 6, 2021
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I have a 2009 6.1 stroked to 426 with a techco supercharger , the ems is the old 2012? Mopar performance ems with the wiring harness that Mother Mopar offered at the time, Runs ok but think it's time to upgrade to an easier and better setup for tuning and running. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone have a system they are using? thanks
From what I was informed of awhile back, AEM was who got the job with MP. You might check in with them. Indy used an AEM Infinity unit on my engine build. They preferred that over FAST because it cost less, had way more parameters to calibrate, more room for add ons like traction control and was easier to work with when setting it up. As for how mine works, I have yet to experience it run as I'm still building the car.
thanks ,yes it was AEM that did the MP units. i open it up a while back and said AEM on the inside, it is a non programable setup very early production unit. But I will reach out to them, Thanks. Does anyone know who makes the new units that MP sells?
As suggested in the other thread by the same name, I would highly recommend a Holley Terminator Max X (Hemi) system.
just need to find a Mopar tuner near R.I
Look at some of your local Japanese or euro car guys/shops, they are big into tuning. It does not need to be a "Mopar" person because they are just reading and adjusting numbers, an engine is an engine.
Just being a little CAUTIOUS, As I brought the car to a a shop a few years back that builds intakes and boosted engines here in R.I. I drove the car down to his shop, a week later he told me to come and get it because something in the engine broke and it wasn't his fault. So I went down, paid him and trailered the car home. Called the CC company to dispute the charge and had the motor dissected and documented by an insurance claims person. The 28 page report with pics said he leaned it out and damaged the pistons and his insurance company paid for a complete rebuild. This guy has been in business for years. So I am a little cautious on where to go.
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