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Fair price for an untested 69-70 AM 8 track?


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Jul 24, 2013
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Any idea what a fair offer on a radio like this is? There’s one on eBay listed with an asking of $400 obo. Untested. It looks like the case has some surface rust.

My car is a factory 8 track, and ultimately I’d like to have one again instead of the basic AM radio a previous owner put in it.

I know next to nothing about restoring or working on these. My dad has rebuilt some AM/FM stereo radios for his late 60s GMs, so I could probably get help getting it working.

Would the rust be a concern for what’s inside? And what’s a decent offer?

The chrome in the door is a bit rough, but I’d guess that could be touched up.






I would not mind having another one for a spare or parts but not for $400. Not sure what a fair price to offer is.
It's pretty crusty and untested. I say $50
I wouldn’t want to own that rusted radio. Keep in mind there is lots of mechanicals going on inside and rust doesn’t work out there.
Can't tell from the post whether your looking to buy or sell, but if your selling, I'd give you $80 on it.
And selling and buying in a non sale thread is against site rules. Don't offer.
I wouldn’t want to own that rusted radio. Keep in mind there is lots of mechanicals going on inside and rust doesn’t work out there.
plus the electricals. The dozens of Solder joints do not like moisture.

I marvel at sellers who want a significant price for something but can't even wipe the dirt off. Are the dials pitted? Can't tell what's under the dirt. A ten year old could figure out how to test it. Of course the belt is toast, but the motor would still spin. I am not a tech of any measure, but I have put a fat rubber band on something like this so I can report what it does and doesn't do. Belts are sometimes expensive and I want to hear it playing a tape before investing. The price of electronics should reflect the risks the buyer is taking.

Run a WTB ad on FBBO.
Typically items of this kind are priced on eBay for at least twice what they are worth. In this case, I don't think it's worth the effort.