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FBBO Benefit Auction for @CudaChick1968!

It is but I don't want to ship it to parts unknown Canada for $10. No offense to Sahara of course and Leanna will get a few extra bucks. Unless I have a few cocktails later and decide to outbid myself. :)
50.00 on #42. Thank you. Outstanding job Ed!
Does item #52 include postage to Canada???
Item #52: New garage wall flag "Plymouth Roadrunner" 'Beep Beep Coming through' 3'x5' (3rd + 4th picture in Post #434) by @rrTor-Red !!

IF so I'll go $125 on it !
WOW, a fella dozes off in the chair after a nice breakfast (waffles and bacon, expertly burnt by yours
truly) and y'all get after it, don't ya!?! :)
Looks like it's time to bring the whole list over and incorporate all you alls' bids!
Here we go:

Number #4 $110 rocker shafts
#51, Mopar parts sign - I'm in for $40.
Ed, 150.00 on #11. Thank you
Does item #52 include postage to Canada???
IF so I'll go $125 on it !
$150.00 for item #4

Most Current Auction List:

Let me know of errors or omissions and thanks again!
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Great job Ed almost done unless add some time.
You're very kind, my friend, but that wouldn't be fair to anyone I wouldn't think - and as it is, I'd say all this
wonderful help will arrive with minutes to spare to Leanna with the current deadline, which is:

Auction ends August 30th at 9PM EST!!

As much fun as I'm having trying to keep things organized, I can tell you it'll be one of those "sliding in sideways,
car and driver both put up wet and 'expired'" moments for me, too. :thumbsup:
Is this just amazing or what??
I figured that old oil can would be doing better. I guess I’m gonna have to bid on my own item:lol: