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Feeler on my 70 'Bird


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Dec 5, 2012
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Hello, I am new to the B body forum because I am mainly an a body fan and post on FABO, however I figured this ad would be more appropriate here.

I am considering selling my 1970 Plymouth Superbird. I have owned the car since 2001. It was originally a lemon twist 440 4spd car, but the vinyl top was removed and was painted petty blue with advertisements on it and used as a pace car in Birmingham, Alabama. After it was retired from being a pace car, a new engine was installed in the car under warranty. The car was repainted in the early 90's and signed by Richard Petty. It shows its age but the car remains very close to original with only 50,000 original miles.

What are these cars actually selling for today?

theyre selling for about 100.00..(thats 100 dollars)...ill write you a check and be over with a trailer! actually theyre going for around 90 to 110 grand with this bad economy.i wouldnt sell it tho ....youll be looking for another one for the next 30 years!

people want these cars ESPECIALLY THESE CARS to be original...and the repaint and the vinyl top removed is gonna hurt ya bad! if i was going to make you an offer on this car , it would be 50 to 60 grand...just because of the repainting and void of the vinyl top. still a nice car that i would love to have!
Thanks for the reply.
At least the car has a good reason for having a vinyl top delete. You can still see the original yellow in some of the jambs where the blue has chipped off and all of the drive-train is original. Still have the paperwork where the car was owned by the speedway.
love to have it regardless..LOL
Hi, I have seen your car a few times. It's a good machine for someone wanting to step up and get into the wing car game. I think that about 75k plus or minus is realistic for your car. 4-speed is a plus. If you decide to sell it, please shoot me an email at ****************** and we'll put in the DSAC club newsletter for you.

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Wanna trade....I've got two kids, a dog and I'll throw in a 68' gtx clone :laughing7:
Curious what it would take or what It brought?
Plenty of folks here with a lot of knowledge but you are gonna have to share a little more info and photos for a good armchair appraisal.