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Fender installation.

493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
I am ready to install the fenders, permanently. I seem to recall some caulking between the fender and inner splash shield. Is this correct? If so , what product is recommended. My FSM says nothing about sealing but, I would think it should be sealed to keep water splash out at the top joint. Any other tips would be appreciated!
3M makes black strip calk in a flat box with wax paper separating the layers. Keeps the water and dirt from
splashing into the engine compartment. I'll post a pic of the box!
This is some pretty neat caulking that I did not know existed... but I will be checking
it out at Ace Hardware. This store is the first one I pass on my way to town. Thank
you for posting this dadsbee!
It's the same stuff you use to put the plastic water barrier onto the door shells before installing the door cards.
The panel guy who did my car recommended painting and a heavy coat of body wax between the two panels.
He said the sealer would trap water. From the factory there was sealer for sure.
He is very on to it so I followed his suggestion.
They used dum dum and also a rubber seal now available from dmt

The dum dum of course quiets everything down I’d call detroit muscle and ask for Jim or loretta