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Fiberglass Power Bulge Hood for '73 Charger

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Nov 23, 2017
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Looking for feedback or comments from anyone who has purchased or is familiar with someone that purchased a fiberglass power bulge hood for a 1971- 1974 Charger. Where did you buy it from? How well did it fit? Are new springs required? Metal ones from AMD are currently not available and they aren't sure when they will get them back in stock.
You should check with AMDs distributors and see if someone might have the hood in stock. Stephens Performance is their biggest distributor.
Thanks for the info. I did check with Stephens because their website indicated they had them in stock but I guess it wasn't updated because when I called they went into the warehouse only to find they didn't have them.
I have a 71 bulge on a 73 and spring replacement was not required. it fit perfectly. the hood latch also worked if you don't want to switch to pin latch.
I think he's asking about steel hood springs with a 'glass hood.
i bought a fiberglass bulge hood off ebay back in 2008. not sure who made it as it was from a private seller. It fit pretty darn well. My body man only had to do some slight front edge filling to make my trim fit since i put it on an SE. Factory springs will not work. you will break the hood in half trying to close it. I have no springs on mine at the moment so i have to use a prop rod to hold it up. They do make a lighter spring for these fiberglass hoods but I have not tried them yet. Remember, all the fiberglass hoods are made in the 74 style without vent louvers at the top of the hood
Thanks for the info. Appreciate the insight.
For springs look at trampoline springs, they come is a variety of designs, lengths and strengthens. I used exactly this on my AAR hood on my 73 Cuda, works well. I do not use a prop rod rather I have a lock type deal which I put into the hinges which keeps them from collapsing. The springs will hold the hood open somewhat but not completely which is why I use the lock deal.

Tractor Supply has a large variety of general purpose springs.

I did recently learn that factory springs for Charger, Plymouth, E body and 4 doors can be different.

I do know that the length, weight, and balance of Charger hoods is significantly different than 2 door Plymouths, to the point of me not being able to install or remove a Charger hood without mechanical aid, while I can do that without assistance on my Satellite.

I could do a direct comparison of Charger (72 and 73) vs Satellite (71 and 73) hood springs when I have the time.

I seem to recall "Stinger" in FL offers a fiber hood.

Previously there were a couple more "race only" offerings, one by "Showcars" in Canada.
Stinger makes a great hood, I have one on my Cuda. Fit and finish were awesome.